ICON, the blockchain network announced today the release of version 3.0 of its mainnet. This update is significant in that ICON’s SCORE (Smart Contract on Reliable Environment), the implementation environment of ICON smart contracts, is now fully operational. The infrastructure for the SCORE development environment is the foundation for creating DApps on the ICON platform.

Along with the mainnet update, ICON also opened testnet, which allows developers to conduct tests before deploying their blockchain projects to mainnet. Additionally, the ICON team will open devnet, which supports local development environments for testing via the AWS Marketplace. Once ICON’s blockchain nodes are registered in the AWS Marketplace, developers will be able to test the ICON Service and DApps on their own private networks via the AWS cloud.

Fee Structure

The team also noted that with the function of the ICON Network expanded, it has now introduced a new fee structure. The transaction fee was fixed at 0.01 ICX, but will now be measured in a more refined way. In addition, new measures are devised for Smart Contract Executor (DApp) to reduce its burden of the transaction fee.

ICONex & ICON Tracker

ICONex, and ICON Tracker have also been updated as the new fee structure has been deployed. There are major changes in several functions including adding tokens, viewing smart contracts as well as recording and verifying data on the blockchain.

The ICON team has continued to expand the ICON ecosystem since the mainnet launch in January. They have launched Deblock and ICX Station, signed several MOUs with strategic partners, opened a developers portal, and have been releasing portions of its Yellow Paper.

The following is the status of open source code updates as of September 17, 2018 (*updates those are in progress are in italic):

Wallet — Complete

ICONex Chrome Extension: Wallet app for Google Chrome
ICONex Android: Wallet app for Android
ICONex iOS: Wallet app for iOS
Ledger Nano S Integration: ICONex Desktop and Ledger Nano S HW wallet support module

SDK — Complete

Java SDK V3: Java-based SDK that works with the ICON Network
Python CLI: Python-based CLI tool that works with the ICON Network
Python SDK V2: Python-based SDK that works with the ICON Network
Python SDK V3: Python-based SDK that works with the ICON Network

Service — Complete

T-Bears: Python-based SCORE Development and Emulation Tool

ICON Core — Complete

ICON Service: Module supporting ICON main functions, linked with blockchain core
loopchain: Blockchain engine that supports LFT-based consensus
Citizen Node: Full node that does not participate in consensus but supports all functions

Other — In Progress (3/5 Complete)

IIP and IRC: Standard protocol and token standard of the ICON network, respectively
AWS Marketplace registration: Infrastructure for SCORE development
Yellow Paper on ICONstitution and Governance
Yellow Paper on Transaction Fee and SCORE Operation Policy
Yellow Paper on IISS

More details on ICON’s operating guidelines can be found in the recently released Yellow Paper. The ICON Yellow Paper is divided into three documents: Ⅰ. ICONstitution and Governance, II. Transaction Fee, and III. IISS (ICON Incentives Scoring System) – coming soon.

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