Published: 2018-11-27 11:31:43

ICONLOOP, the company behind ICON and creators of loopchain, a high-performance blockchain that can support real-time transactions based on efficient smart contract system today announced the successful launch of the ‘ICON Development Network’ on the Amazon Web Services Marketplace.

ICONLOOP has been a Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN) since early 2018, allowing ICONLOOP to provide a software solution that can integrate with the AWS platform. ICONLOOP has now launched the ‘ICON Development Network’, which will allow developers to easily run a private instance of the ICON Blockchain Network through AWS.

The main purpose is to provide a means to improve understanding, accessibility, and convenience when building on the ICON Network. Developers can get started with ICON by checking out GitHub.

This ‘ICON Development Network’ platform will provide an easy-to-use development-ready environment. This enables developers to bootstrap their own private ICON Network, adapted to their own convenience and need, in order to build, test or validate their project running on top of the ICON Protocol.

“Previously, ICON DApp development required significant effort to build and manage a SCORE development environment. DApp development accessibility is expected to be significantly improved by leveraging the ‘ICON Development Network’ within the AWS Cloud environment, and easy deployment of test blockchain networks will allow SCORE to be validated in a variety of test environments, which will greatly improve DApps quality and development productivity.”

Steve Cho, CTO of STAYGE One, DApp based on ICON

A private network built via AWS Cloud could be used to operate its own service as well in the context of a DApp and its production environment.

“The collaboration with AWS is part of efforts aiming to help developers building blockchain projects more easily, and ICONLOOP will keep engaging in actions to enhance the convenience of the development environment.”


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