As of Thursday, April 25, the IOTA Foundation has launched their IOTA Academy, which is supposedly in “cooperation with the IOT1 Academy,” based in Berlin and Shangai. The ultimate goal of the courses offered is to help developers, managers and students acquire well-rounded knowledge on IOTA’s technology.

When it comes to the courses themselves, the team has since disclosed that students will be given the opportunity to gain hands-on experience that expounds on use cases.

Upon visiting the website,, learners are presented with the course details, the benefits of taking said courses and a certification component.

Course Outline

For starters, the course will explore IOTA’s technology, as noted above. Coders and developers can expect the material to gradually pick up, that is, a basic understanding will be presented followed by an overview of the IOTA ecosystem, applications, programming libraries and recourses. Furthermore, one will learn to send and receive transactions and messages in Tangle as well as data streams with the MAM library.

The IOTA Foundation believes that the course is time-efficient, up-to-date with actual developments and is as complete as possible. Furthermore, they trust that those taking the course will find it very practical, i.e. didactic structure.

In terms of getting help when needed, the necessary resources are believed to be offered, but this depends on the type of the course selected. Some resources include app-based learning, which includes quizzes, messenger for communication, ability to learn offline, etc.

As for question-asking, again, a community page will be available along with support and help desk by an editorial team, as personal and direct contact with trainers.

IOTA Certificate

Since the course has been approved and co-authored by the IOTA Foundation, developers will have the opportunity to get certified. In order to do so, it has been noted that developers will have to:

“Pass a special oral examination held by members of the IOTA Foundation.”

One must keep in mind that the certificate is not included in the price of the course and is considered an addition.

Prices According to Course Length

There are three courses to pick from, which include Pure Digital, Blended Training and Blended Seminar:

Pure Digital

As the name indicates, it is an online course with a duration of six weeks. The learning is achieved via the app. The current going price of the Pure Digital is roughly 599 €.

Blended Training

Blended training includes both an online aspect as well as a “Developer/Trainer” aspect, which is completed via messenger. The latter involves enhancing one’s practical knowledge by having to answer questions asked throughout the course.

The difference between Pure Digital and Blended Training is that the latter allows students to communicate with the support team. Its current going price is 999 €.

Blended Seminar

Finally, we have the Blended Seminar, which takes the learning tools offered in the Pure Digital and Blended Training courses, and also adds a three-day onsite seminar where students will be able to communicate in person with IOTA developers.

This opportunity is definitely an advantage for those potentially seeking a career with IOTA or for those who are simply fascinated by the ecosystem on a whole. The current going rate for this course is 1499 €.

To learn more about the IOTA Academy, click here:

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