What Is Crypto Daily Trading?

Crypto Daily Trading is an authorized reseller of the Gunbot cryptocurrency trading bot, which can only be purchased from authorized resellers. The Crypto Daily Trading platform seeks to distinguish itself from other similar platforms by offering top-notch support services to buyers before, during, and after purchasing the bot from Crypto Daily Trading.

The Gunbot trading bot is an automatic trading bot that utilizes the market’s most advanced and tested trading strategies combined with the best trading indicators that enable traders to easily configure or customize their trading strategies and thus make profits in all market conditions.

Crypto Daily Trading supports purchasing of the Gunbot bot using coinpayments or Gunthy OTC. When making Gunthy payments, the trader receives a certain amount of Gunthy tokens that are necessary for the bot to work and the Gunbot license is activated immediately. In cases where the traders purchases the bot using coinpayments, the Crypto Daily Trading team will provide the trader with a certain amount of tokens needed to operate the bot.

How Crypto Daily Trading Works

As soon as the Gunbot purchase is complete, the trader will receive an email containing the download link so they can download Gunbot in any device with the Windows, Mac, Linux, and ARM operating systems. After installation of the bot, the trader will have access to the program through the Gunbot User Interface.

The Gunbot crypto trading bot can be connected to any crypto exchange by providing their API and secret key in the Gunbot GUI. This data is stored in the trader’s local device to prevent unauthorized access.

Furthermore, with Gunbot, traders can customize their trading strategies to suit their personal trading styles and trading preference. Both experienced and inexperienced traders can back test their strategies prior to executing them in order to see how well they can work to avoid losing their hard-earned money. There are also pre-existing strategies that do not require traders to have vast knowledge and experience, as they only need to provide their trading limits.

Gunbot will begin trading and generating profits after traders have selected their trading pairs. Currently, Gunbot supports all the trading pairs and there are no limits to the pairs that can be traded simultaneously.

Why Purchase Gunbot From Crypto Trading Daily?

TradingView Add-On

By purchasing Gunbot from Crypto Trading Daily, traders can create their own trading strategies using TradingView or use the TradingView scripts using the TradingView add-on. Additionally, the add-on makes it possible for traders to trade on the alerts sent from the custom strategies.

Reversal Trading

Gunbot enables traders to make additional profits using the ‘Reversal Trading Principle’ whereby the traders use the existing invested amount to make profits when the price is declining. When the prices increase, the traders can sell their investments for profits at a lower price point.

Access To Multiple Exchanges

By purchasing the bot on Crypto Daily Trading, traders can access and trade on the major cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Cryptopia, Cex, Gdax, and Kraken.

Trading Assistance

Gunbot provides both beginner and advanced traders with access to various trading strategies that are based on fluctuations and indicators. For traders that aren’t familiar with these strategies, the Crypto Daily Trading team will provide them with all the necessary support.

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