It looks like Malta, known as the Blockchain Island, is set to use the blockchain technology in another great idea. According to a new report, all educational certificates received in Malta will start to be stored on a blockchain so they can be consulted easily.

The goal of this new initiative is to scale a two-year-old project that included the schools of the country. The original projects included all kinds of schools in Malta and the idea now is to use the help of the Learning Machine software company in order to actually these degrees on the blockchain.

Joseph Muscat, the first minister of Malta, has affirmed that the Blockchain Island is the first country in the whole world to put education certificates on the blockchain. He commented about the initiative during the signing of the project, which will include diplomas from universities and from secondary schools in the country, including public and private ones.

Other Countries Follow Malta’s Example

Malta is certainly not alone on using the blockchain technology to store information about education certificates. The University of Bahrain was also reported to this with their own diplomas last month. This was a part of a larger effort from the university in order to digitize its systems and modernize the administration of the institution.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has also issued blockchain-based diplomas for its students. The pilot program happened in 2017 when the blockchain was just starting to become something famous worldwide. This way, the graduates would be able to verify their own diplomas very easily.

Another related case is the government of Kenya, which is using technology developed by IBM in order to create an immutable and transparent management system for certificates, in order to curb falsifications in the country.

Malta and The Blockchain

There is a clear reason for Malta being internationally known as the Blockchain Island. The country’s government is very enthusiastic about this new technology and it is very focused on creating a strong blockchain hub in the country.

For instance, Silvio Schembri, which works as the Junior Minister for Finances Services, Digital Economy and Innovation, has spearheaded three different bills that had the goal of regulating the blockchain (or distributed ledger technology) in Malta.

These measures have been voted and are important to provide a legal framework for future development in the country.

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