Published: 2018-11-04 09:13:04
Ninja Promo

What Is Ninja Promo?

Ninja Promo is a digital marketing agency that focuses on the marketing of ICO projects. The agency provides a full range of both marketing and brand awareness services for the user during and after their ICO. Ninja Promo has a team of professional, enthusiastic, and passionate promoters, marketers, community managers, and editors whose main aim is to spread the news about the client’s ICO all over the world.

Ninja Promo Crypto Marketing And Advertising Services

Community Management

The platform achieves community management for its clients with the drive that a strong community is vital in achieving the success of an ICO. The platform’s community managers ensure that the constantly expanding following of its clients is active at all times.

Hype In Crypto

The agency reaches new audiences through publicizing up the client’s project in the most prominent communities in a number of social media platforms including Facebook, Telegram, Reddit, and BitcoinTalk

Influencer Marketing

The agency harnesses the potential of almost two thousand independent content creators so that it can advertise the product of the client through their platforms to reach a great audience.

PPC Marketing

Ninja Promo agency runs clients’ marketing campaigns through Google AdWords, which includes YouTube and Facebook. It also undertakes banner advertising. This ensures that the project is constantly supplied with fresh traffic.

Content Marketing

Ninja Promo writes original contents like articles and press releases on behalf of its clients then translate them to a variety of languages so that they can be published all over the world.

Video Production

The agency prides itself in the creation of brief and catchy video introductions as well as clips for crypto projects so that they can capture and deliver all the information that is required about the project of the client in both an informative and entertaining way.

The agency contains three packages to which clients can subscribe. The first one is the Ninja starter available at 2BTC, which offers the services of hype on Bitcointalk, Reddit and Telegram; one Megapost on Reddit, PR package containing at least ten press releases, ICO Tracker package, and supports listing on fifty websites and at least ten posts by the crypto influencers.

The second package is the Ninja advanced at 7.5BTC. This package provides five mega posts on Reddit, at least thirty press releases and five articles, being listed on eighty websites and three premium listings, at least twenty posts by crypto influencers, a YouTube influencer package of at least twenty videos from influencers, content creation, airdrop, video production and traffic and a 24/7 community management. The third package is the Ninja Premium, which is available at 20 BTC with more additional services on each package.

Ninja Promo Benefits

Precise Targeting

Ninja Promo offers to its users precise and exact audience targeting for the project of the client since it reaches a multilingual audience all over the world.

User Representation

Ninja Promo ensures that the presence of the user is felt and represented on all of the major digital platforms and the field-specific ones.

Individual Approach

The platform supports individual approach by clients, which is based on their budget and the most effective allocation of services. The agency vows complete submission to the approval of the client to the entire process and all the content.

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