What Is X Private Chat?

X Private Chat describes itself as a “leading decentralized chatting platform with user controllable privacy protection.” The platform’s goal is to disrupt the messaging industry by “bringing private anonymous messaging to the masses.” With this type of system, users can experience the benefits of a decentralized chatting system with multi-functional messaging and features. Very few systems on the market provide users with this same level of support, which is why users may want to check out this system. But, before doing so, here is an overview of the platform so that users know what to expect.

The X Private Chat Solution

X Private Chat identifies itself as a solution to a problem. As the platform explains, the main issue is the industry is that there are marketing-driving platforms that are centralized. These centralized platforms make it challenging for blockchain-based dares to develop and to provide users with advantages. This ultimately leads to additional issues such as centralized architecture, no end-to-end encryption, and connection of phone numbers.

As x Private Chat explains, its solution is through decentralization. The messenger is multi-functional and has the features of a traditional messenger and a multi-currency crypto wallet. This type of approach enables users to earn tokens on a daily basis. There are a number of advantages associated with this type of approach.

X Private Chat Features

There are a number of benefits to using X Private Chat. Here are the main advantages of this type of system so that users know what to look forward to:

Anonymous Communication

First, the platform allows for anonymous communication. Users register and create an XPrivate chat account – although it is not mandatory. Users can still communicate through X Private Chat without registration. The only instance in which registration is necessary if where users want to provide another with their ID that is generated by the application when it is installed on one’s computer.

A Communication Channel For Businesses

Second, the platform can function as a communication channel for businesses. The platform will inform one’s customers about news and promotions and it will also work to conduct interactive promotions, such as renumeration in XPC for various activities. Businesses can truly enjoy from the qualities of X Private Chat when they incorporate into their activities.

Monetization Of Author Content

Third, there is also monetization for author content. Essentially, users can create channels that have subscription-based access with payment in XPC. This type of feature works well for those who are looking to promote their services. Businesses can communicate with their subscribers through the channel. The channel allows businesses to publish material, webcasts, and so much more. Further, the chat is a convenient method for accepting payment for advertisements.

Rewards For Content

Fourth, the platform also provides users with the opportunity to provide renumeration, which enables adverts to be presented on users’ accounts. It also allows for sending of a certain amount of XPC to adverts.

Free Use

Fifth, the platform also has free use. There is are no fees associated with the platform – except when users want to tap into additional opportunities relating to infrastructure costs – such as advertisement and several pro services. There may also be cost associated with copyright content of other users.

Built-In Crypto Wallet

Sixth, there is a built-in lightweight crypto wallet that allows users to store and transfer XPC tokens. The wallet enables users to maintain control over their privacy and it also eliminates the need to load a complete chain of blocks, which are in tends of gigabytes.

Micropayment Support

Seventh, there is support for micropayments. Offline micropayments such as Raiden Network, Liquidity Network, and others, enable the team to implement a payment structure to reduce commissions on transactions.

These are the main features of the platform. Those who use the platform can enjoy from truly decentralized mechanisms.

X Private Chat Summary

Overall X Private Chat is very easy to use. The platform’s XPrivate ICO also begins in 32 days. Therefore, those whoa re interested in the tokens can visit back to the platform’s website to join in with the ICO. Also, to get started with the chat system, just visit the platform’s website as well.

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