What Is Streamex?

Streamex is the most advanced crypto trading platform. The cryptocurrency exchange platform bridges the gap between novice traders and seasonal traders by launching exciting features guaranteed to attract user acquisition and retention.

Streamex Features

Streamex embraces the following features:

Trading Pools

On this platform, users can join a community trading pool where a Streamex verified master trader invests in their tokens. Based on the idea of ICO presale investing pools, Streamex seeks to launch a similar setup, where any verified trader on Streamex can create a trading pool for other traders to invest in, through buying pool shares.

The platform has specific guidelines for the trading pools, such as locking access to the funds by anyone except the Pool Creator setting—when the pool expires. The creator can use the funds to trade.

Social Trading

This feature enables users to create an optional profile page that details their trading performance. The information contained on this page includes:

  • Profit/Loss trade volumes
  • Trading history
  • Location
  • Account level and others

Besides, members have the opportunity to follow other traders through social profiles. They can also send tips, pay to see top portfolios and trades, or pay to receive trade alerts from top traders. With the Streamex Token (STE), traders can set a price for portfolio insight and trades, usually capped at $50 per month. This can provide a passive stream of income.


This feature allows users to join the ranks of Master Traders in a global hall of fame leaderboard. Streamex aims to have a social trading hall of fame, ranking the best traders on the exchange according to time frames, volumes, Profit/Loss, and others. Top traders are available on leaderboards, which prompts new users to follow the league experts to get alerts about their trades.

The goal here is to establish a league of master traders, which attract more users to follow them. The Master Traders will preempt the network effect while attracting fringe users and increasing the value of the platform with more users joining the platform.

Consequently, the league of Master Traders can enjoy an additional stream of income, prizes, and the ability to ascend the ranks on the leaderboard. Streamex will provide Master Traders with quarterly and annual rewards for the best traders and traders with the most followers.

Fiat (USD/EUR) Gateway

Streamex embraces USD and EUR deposits and withdrawals, which will be available from the first day. Since it’s the first trader-focused crypto exchange, Streamex will allow USD and EUR deposit, and withdrawals from the first day of operation.

Besides, within its new and innovative features, the platform aims to offer binary options for cryptocurrencies because this is a perfect blend of digital currency and skill-based social gaming. The STE Token will be used for entry fees and to pay out from competitions.

Trade Alerts

Inexperienced traders can follow seasoned traders and receive trade alerts directly to their Streamex accounts. The notifications are in the form of e-mail notifications or push notifications to the mobile application. The quick update keeps traders in the loop about popular trades and the overall use of the platform.

Seamless User Experience

Usability experience is another integral part of Streamex. For them, a design is not an afterthought. The platform comes with a committed design team composed of media agencies that have designed a seamless interface for major B2C corporate companies. This enables them to create a unique UX/UI for their users.

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