What Is TronOne? TronOne is a new ecosystem of value networks that has launched the world’s first decentralized application featuring smart rates return on investment. With this new decentralized application, investors will have access to a contract that is sustainable, fair, and transparent.

Sustainability has been one of the major challenges in the Dapp market space whereby investors skip from one decentralized application to another, in efforts to try to make huge profits in a short span of time. In cases where the contracts slow down caused by reduced investments or users, the investors usually withdraw large amounts of their profits from the dApps due to fear of losing their funds.

Most of the times, such investor actions usually result in the disintegration of the Dapp, irrespective of the amount of time the Dapp has been in the market. TronOne seeks to provide a solution to this challenge and enhance the adoption rate of cryptocurrencies in the global economy.

How TronOne Works

Investors using the TronOne contracts will initially begin by receiving a 3.6% ROI per day and if they do not make any withdrawals in 5 days, the return on investment increases to 4.1% per day. If the investor does not make a withdrawal in 10 days, the ROI increases to 4.6% per day. If the investor retains their investment for 20 days or 30 days, the return on investment increases to 5.6% per day and 6.6% ROI per day respectively.

Every investment using TronOne begins at 3.6% and has its individual tracking for the last withdrawal date. As soon as the investor makes a withdrawal, the particular investment is again reset to the initial 3.6% ROI per day and the contract begins to recalculate the days of the last withdrawal date to determine the percentage of ROI to be paid out to the investor.

This will increase the sustainability of the TronOne Dapp and prevent the investors from unnecessarily shifting to other dApps or making huge withdrawals by increasing the rates automatically when they delay in making withdrawals.

TronOne Benefits

Secure Investments

The TronOne Smart contracts are open-source, verified, and are always running on the Tron Blockchain that is highly secure and protected from third party attacks or hacks that might result in investors losing their invested funds.

Besides, the TronOne smart contracts do not have an administrative function; therefore, it guarantees the investors full transparency and fairness.

Profitable Referral Program

The referral link in the referral program is activated once investors complete their first investment. The referral program has three tiers that determine the amount of commission earned by the investor from inviting other investors to the platform.

For instance, on the first level the commission is set at 5%, for the second level the commission is 2% while for the third level the referral commission is set at 0.5%. The referees who join TronOne using the invite link will also receive 0.5% commission when they make a deposit.

Smart Rates

To prevent investors from withdrawing their investments, they are provided with smart rates that continuously increase, based on how investors retain their investments with the TronOne smart contracts. Once the investor makes a withdrawal, the rates are reset to the initial 3.6% rate.

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