Sephora Shoppers Get The First Bitcoin In Their Lives After Using Lolli App

The cosmetics chain Sephora has recently joined a list of retailers that let shoppers earn their cash back after using the Lolli app to buy products. First, they buy the products and then later they are able to earn this cash back in the way of Bitcoin. The story was originally reported by Coindesk.

Alex Adelman, the CEO of Lolli, has revealed to the media that, as 30% of the app’s users are women, it was a good idea to go after companies that offer beauty products and Sephora is one of the biggest ones in the area.

Now, together with Sephora and some other beauty retailers like Ulta and Everlane, the company is catering to its female audience, according to the CEO. Research shows that women use fewer cryptocurrencies than men, so the company is smart to be focusing on this demographic.

In fact, Coindesk has interviewed a marketing consultant from San Francisco called Thien-Kim Ngo, which won her Bitcoin from Everlane and Sephora by using Lolli. The affirmed that she always had an interest in Bitcoin but that all the other ways felt time-consuming and even too complicated for her to spend her time investing.

Now, however, Lolli made her feel secure and gave her Bitcoin without a lot of risks, as she was “freaked out” about all the news of volatility in the market.

Uniting Beauty And Bitcoin

The idea of choosing beauty retail companies was not random. The stereotype of crypto users is mostly made of men from the tech industry. Now, with Sephora and Ulta on its chain of partners, Lolli wants to target more diverse users. Not only women but also men buy beauty products and the company believes that it can reach a different demographic with these partnerships.

Lolli can be used on the Chrome browser. People just install the app extension and then shop normally. Some stores will have partnerships with the company, so the users will be able to get some of the money they are spending back.

This company is still very new. It was recently launched in September 2018 and its users get back on average $10 USD in Bitcoin for each purchase. Some brands give more money back than others, though.

All the crypto is stored on the Lolli wallet, which works in a similar way to a MetaMask wallet and can be accessed by your browser.

Lolli is still growing up a lot. With high-profile companies like Sephora on its side, its sales have doubled on November and there is plenty of space for growth in the future.

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