The world keeps evolving and so is the digital marketing space. The success of any business now lies in the ability of the owners of the project to adopt cutting edge innovational and promotional strategies, this in itself creates an underlying bedrock or foundation for the success of the project.

More worthy to note also is the fact that there are existing competitions which have already acquired a good market share, thus, the marketing of new projects especially as obtainable in the cryptosphere is not just targeted towards publicizing the project in particular but in beating existing competitions which can be a daunting task.

Masternode Services

Masternode services are one of the numerous ways to earn passive income in the Cryptosphere, while this article is essentially targeted towards marketing Masternode services, it is worthy to understand that A Masternode is a crypto full node (computer wallet) that supports the network by hosting an entire copy of the coinโ€™s ledger in real time.

In return, the Masternode will receive crypto coins as a reward. It is a great alternative to mining. The coin received herein is profit. Masternodes are classified under Proof of Stake and help eliminates the costly venture of owning rigs and the associated cost of running it (high electricity consumption).

Different cryptocurrencies operating under the proof of stake blockchain such as Dash Coin, SCRIV Coin, Apollo Coin, etc. These coins usually have different requirements to owning a Masternode some of which could be cost-intensive, a typical example is the Dash Coin that requires a minimum of 1000 Dash Coins to operate the masternode.

In this case, the cost of running the masternode could be shared amongst several investors who would invest in the masternode and take a profit based on the proportion or percentage of their contributions.

Marketing Masternode Services

Having laid a good foundation above, the marketing of Masternodes can thus be done through the following means:

Create A Comprehensive Whitepaper:

A white paperย is an official document usually issued by new blockchain projects before their ICO informing the reader about the new technology, methodology, product or service is launched. When dealing with cryptocurrencies,ย white papersย explain the purpose and technology.

Aย white paperย is created by the founders and/or developers of crypto to help sell theย project. With a well-constructed white paper, potential investors and customers would be persuaded to trust the uniqueness of the masternode project and the services it is offering and thus more motivated to invest

Create A Responsive Website:

As a digital product or currency, a good website is like your office space and it must be designed with such finesse as to complement the perfect whitepaper the project is working with. Given a bad website with a poor user interface, the possibility of the project failing to be greater than normal.

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Establish A Good Online Presence:

The project must be promoted and marketed to the right people and best targeted via email marketing, social media promotions, etc. A reasoning budget must be made available for social media promotions.

A new project should employ digital and or social media marketers to help develop contents for advertisement, keep the projects social media pages such as Telegram, Twitter, Reddit and others acting as well as developing promotional strategies to make the project gain more traction in the digital space.

Launch Airdrops/Bounties:

With airdrops, you would have the potential to gain more trust and win the heart of the people. For future marketing sake, bounties would attract good long-term revenue when the project becomes successful.


The points given above is not exhaustive, creativity is a watchword for long term success. Marketing digital product is a dynamic venture that always becomes rewarding in the long term and as a result, new masternode projects should have a detailed plan and budget for marketing even right before launching.

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