Published: 2018-11-16 21:40:59
MinerGate Crypto Mining Pool Launches xFast Miner Software Client with New Interface Features

The MinerGate digital currency mining pool has established the xFast Miner; a new graphical user interface that will henceforth act as the default mining client of MinerGate.

MinerGate is renowned for its multicurrency support as well as having a user-friendly interface.

Apparently, an internal benchmark test conducted by MinerGate indicated that the xFast Miner is the best client the market has to offer.

When pitched against other mining solutions, XFast performs impressively across all processors and GPUs.

Why choose xFast Miner?

The following factors make the xFast Miner the best option for investors looking for a mining client:

In addition to impressive hashrates, the xFast Miner comes in two variations, one with a command line interface and another with a graphical user interface. The former is designed for seasoned miners.

This is because the user has to be acquainted with the various commands in the mining console. On the other hand, the graphical user interface miner is meant for beginners. It is enriched with Smart Mining technology that arbitrages various assets and suggests the most profitable option.

Versions of xFast Miner

As mentioned above, the xFast Miner comes in two variations, the command line option and the graphical option. Both of these are viable for the most popular desktop operating systems, namely Windows, Mac and Ubuntu. However, xFast Miner works exclusively with 64-bit processors.

Mobile application

The MinerGate mobile app is currently unavailable on Google Play Store due to regulatory issues. The development team is currently working on the reinstatement of the app on the platform. Still, the app can be accessed on the official MinerGate website, though it is stripped of the mining functionality.

The following features are available on the mobile app:

  • Checking wallet balance
  • Checking values of various digital currencies
  • Withdrawing cryptocurrencies
  • Interacting with other miners

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