Module Japanese Blockchain 4.0 has just announced that their MODL token will be listed on Taiwan’s BitoPro through an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). BitoPro is a new international cryptocurrency trading platform launched by BitoEx, which is Taiwan’s largest exchange, enjoying 80% of the market share in that country.

BitoPro recently conducted its own ICO, which sold more than US$20 million worth of BITO tokens in under 26 hours. BITO holders have early access to IEOs on the exchange, and with over 200,000 unique users on the platform, Module Blockchain’s token will have a wider audience of potential MODL purchasers.

Module Blockchain is being developed to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone, everywhere in the world with its easy-to-use interface. It offers a simple and secure method to start working in the crypto industry, so anyone can take their first steps toward collecting funds on blockchain right away.

The platform allows people to act as developers creating their own dApps (decentralized applications), be it for miners, or to provide services as bounty testers and offer data storage space. A potential crypto miner only needs a smartphone, tablet or other smart devices with sufficient storage space available to begin participating in mining cryptocurrency, which could, in turn, provide many users with an entry point into the cryptocurrency market.

The platform also offers data storage sharing capability by utilizing the unused storage available on the millions of mobile devices in use around the world. Module Blockchain users can set their own fees structures and are rewarded for the amount of space they share and length of time this space is used for.

The platform’s “secret sharing” feature employs client-side data encryption and divides information into fragmentary pieces that are then stored in a multitude of separate places on participating users’ various gadgets. Sensitive information is virtually hack-proof since it cannot be reproduced with only one fragment.

These capabilities set Module Blockchain apart from other similar platforms like Stellar and EOS because it offers equal distribution of consensus across the many devices that can be used to participate in the ecosystem. With EOS, for instance, “digital oligarchies” can be formed because blockchain decisions are made by the largest token holders.

The biggest block producers in EOS have the most say in consensus, making it difficult for beginners to participate in the system. Module Blockchain truly democratizes the entire process by allowing anyone to use the mobile phones, tablets, and laptops they already own to offer services and earn rewards.

The MODL token sale is now active and runs until September 30, 2018, offering up to a 12% bonus.

Find out more about Module Blockchain 4.0 by clicking here. 

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