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On January 24, 2019, there was a message by an anonymous user that was broadcasted via the Blockstation Satellite Network to the Bitcoin Blockchain.

The identity of the person behind the message is unknown but it is believed that they are from ‘a post-Soviet state’. The message has been confirmed as a genuine one by Grubles, a developer, though Blockstation themselves are yet to give a statement.

“Some interesting data I’ve received from the #SatelliteAPI broadcast. Seems like someone broadcasted a little journal,” Grubles tweeted.

The Network

The message was sent to the Bitcoin Blockchain but was transmitted via the Blockstation Network.

The Blockchain Network is a Network made up is satellites that allow Bitcoin Blockchain users to interact even without any internet connection. As of December 2018, the satellites have covered over two-thirds of the world.

The Messages

The messages that were sent out onto the blockchain were in the form of a journal by an unknown user with daily entries.

In the first entry, the writer touches on how he got involved in Bitcoin, after deciding to buy some mushrooms. He says that he found the process too complicated and ended up not buying any Bitcoin. However, an interest was sparked and the writer then got into Bitcoin last year and according to him, he is developing a Raspberry pi Lightning node after quitting his job.

He also solicits helps from anyone wishing to donate but doesn’t leave a crypto wallet address. Other messages include the writer talking about how he can’t believe that he is sending messages to a worldwide platform via satellites and one simply saying ‘I love you’

He also talks about wanting to set up a social platform in the future.

“My plan is to create an uncensorable, unbannable site, where everything is allowed to talk about and share, nobody can ban anything for anyone, and nobody can delete anything, even their own posts, I hate when people are posting something on twitter or facebook, and later deleting it. Everybody should stand by their written words. I think Bitcoin, Lightning, IPFS and other technologies are needed to accomplish this, maybe the computational capacity of the network is notenough today, but it will be,” the day 6 journal says.

Blockstream CEO Adam Back tweeted about the messages saying ‘history is rising’.

As of now, the network is still in its beta stage but is expected to the moved to the mainnet once a successful testing period on the API is completed.

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