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New IEO Set For Launch On Binance Launchpad, “Harmony Protocol”

Binance Launchpad announced the launch of the next IEO (Initial Exchange Offering), Harmony Protocol, set to go live on the 28th of May 2019. The Harmony Protocol project aims to solve one of the major problems in the crypto industry, ‘scaling’.

The issue of scalability has been a long standing problem in the industry, and at the moment there are many more established projects that aim solely on solving this problem. Projects that address this include Algorand, EOS, Zilliqa, and many others.

So, the Harmony protocol will be going into a very competitive market and its market strategy should be fool-proof and ready for this competition.

Benefits Of The Protocol

On the matter, Harmony Protocol’s Co founder, Nick White said:

“Neither of the projects mentioned above has a blockchain which will be performant, scalable, and as low cost as the Harmony blockchain will be.”

According to Nick White, the Harmony Protocol will provide:

Seed Capital

These will be made easier through the ecosystem fund that will be launched with investors during the Harmony Protocol’s seed round.

This will provide seed capital to developers which build and ship projects on the Harmony Protocol’s blockchain.

Nick White stated :

“Harmony can add incentives so that applications which drive further transactions and engagement to the network will be rewarded with Harmony tokens in proportion to the overall value and the traction that they bring to the network.”

Not Only Dapps Developer

Moreover, Harmony does not cater for only DApps developers but also established firms who wish to apply blockchain tech into their services.

Nick added

“These kinds of apps have been previously held back because the existing networks were too slow and too expensive, whereas Harmony makes it entirely possible.”

New Nodes Attraction

On the matter of attraction of new nodes to the Harmony Protocol, Nick White stated :

“Harmony is building a robust ecosystem and we are in talks with every major staking as a service company to bring them on board and help grow Harmony’s validator ecosystem.”

In order to encourage the adoption of the network, and improve ease in the entry, the project has a low node resource requirement of only 4GB. In addition developers of the project intend to write scripts to make the initial Harmony Protocol setup as easy as possible and also reward stakers simply for participating in the project.

Benefits Of The Binance Launchpad

Projects featured on the Binance Launchpad have seemed to be a boom in the past, and the Harmony Protocol should not be any different.

White said:

“Working with the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange will help Harmony reach more users throughout the entire world and get them closer to the realization of their vision which is to scale trust to billions of people.”

Specifically, Nick White said:

“the team is very motivated by the global outlook of Binance, especially when it comes to applying blockchain technology to developing regions such as Latin America and Africa. Harmony will find truly impactful use cases in places of the kind.”

The hard cap of the Harmony Protocol is $5 million while the public sale token has been set at $0.003175 for one token.

The views and opinions expressed in the article New Harmony Protocol IEO Set for Binance Laundpad as Co-Founder Talks Scaling Towards Billions do not reflect that of 48coins, nor of its originally published source. Article does not constitute financial advice. Kindly proceed with caution and always do your own research.

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