Published: 2018-10-31 21:27:45
North Korea Allegedly Hacks into South Korea's Computers for Crypto Mining

According to The Next Web (who has referenced UPI), South Korea’s intelligence team have pointed their fingers at North Korea for supposedly having hacked into the former’s computers in order mine cryptocurrencies.

In addition to crypto mining, the intelligence team has since provided an audit indicating that the North has been sneaking into the South’s systems to steal personal information.

Based on UPI’s reporting, the North did the same to the U.S, where computers were fed with malware that automatically mined Monero (XMR). This doesn’t come of surprise considering the fact that XMR is known for its increased level of privacy.

The case in which XMR tokens were mined did not simply stop there, as they were also apparently sent to Kim II Sung University, as reported by news platform, Chosun Ilbo.

This is not the first time that the North tried to hack the South, as the former used similar cyberattack tactics as the ones experienced by Sony Pictures. This happened January of this year, where a group of hackers used several methods, one, according to CNBC, being the “exploitation of a security flawing Hangul,” where the main targets where South Korean crypto exchanges.

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