OECD to organize international conference on blockchain next month 22006

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) announced on Wednesday that it plans to host an international conference on blockchain in Paris on September 4 and September 5.

The conference will feature OECD Secretary General Angel Gurría, the prime ministers of Serbia, Bermuda and the Republic of Mauritius and the State Secretary of Slovenia.

The event will examine the impact of blockchain on government activities and how it is having an impact on various other industries. The event will see a gathering of over 400 senior decision makers from the public and private sectors.

Potential impact of blockchain

The discussions at the event will cover a wide array of topics-ranging from the potential impact of blockchain on global economy to privacy and cybersecurity. It will also discuss ways to use blockchain to enhance inclusiveness.

“Blockchain has the potential to transform how a wide range of industries function. Fulfilling its potential, however, depends on the integrity of the processes and requires adequate policies and measures while addressing the risks of misuse. Governments and the international community will play a significant role in shaping policy and regulatory frameworks that are aligned with the emerging challenges and foster transparent, fair and stable markets as a basis for the use of blockchain,” the press release says.

Earlier this year, OECD’s Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Competition Committee released a paper titled ‘Blockchain Technology and Competition Policy’ in preparation for the coming conference.

The paper showcases various applications of this technology for governments and the private sector. It mentions a number of use cases, including “helping enforcers to clamp down on tax frauds; to support monetary and fiscal policy via sovereign-backed cryptocurrency; to create digital land titling, to help citizens prove their identity and vote, and to increase the efficiency and transparency of public services.”

These are just some of the use cases of this evolving technology and the event aims to take this a step further by discussing ways to incorporate this technology in our daily lives.

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