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OKEX Perpetual Swaps Trading Volume Increase By Over 200% Monthly To Top The Crypto Derivatives Market

OKEX is one of the cryptocurrency derivative dealers enjoying an increased user volume after launching just two months ago. The firm released its newly developed crypto derivatives to the market in December 2018.

Today, OKEX trading volume is over 200% more in a month compared to December 2018. The perpetual swaps offered by OKEX appear to be highly competitive to peer crypto derivatives hence the attractive performance. According to data derived from AICoin, OKEX leads the crypto derivatives markets worldwide with a cap averaging $4.2 billion.

Lenix Lai, OKEX’s Financial Market Director, said that the growth in crypto derivatives volumes is healthy and replicates the existing financial markets. He noted that despite a decrease in prices of the underlying ‘Cryptocurrencies’ which in this case are traded in spot markets, the crypto derivatives market has enjoyed more liquidity over time. Normally, derivative markets are more liquid due to various strategy options presented, a path Lenix believes is inevitable in the digital asset world.

Furthermore, Lenox acknowledged the firm’s optimism following the endorsement of its product by various players in the market. He pointed out that OKEX objective is to improve the crypto derivatives and incorporate newer products to the crypto markets over the course of 2019. This, in turn, will support the integration of the financial markets for digital assets through blockchain.

This new perpetual swap created by OKEX comes with a couple of advanced features. Its leverage ratio is capped at 100x and is more customized than standard. Simply put, the perpetual swap is flexible on delivery and expiry dates hence providing multiple hedging strategies for crypto stakeholders. At the moment, digital currencies that are offered under this perpetual swap include TRX, BSV, BCH, EOS, XRP, ETC, ETH, LTC, and BTC.

OKEX currently provides multiple risk management options for the crypto market players. One can avoid short term losses triggered by price fluctuations by taking positions in various crypto derivatives. However, the market volatility of crypto derivatives matches that of spot markets for cryptocurrencies hence still very risky.

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