Omenics is a digital platform with a mission to empower users with data analytics, which they can use to help them better understand trends in the crypto market.

It is a one-stop data dashboard where users can streamline their research, cut out the noise, and get a snapshot of the market. It aims to analyze and synthesize market information, news, and social content to help users anticipate shifts in market sentiment.

Omenics has a reliable founding team that comprises engineers and crypto market enthusiasts. The team works hard to improve the platform and make it the go-to hub for crypto market insights.

Omenics Getting an Edge on the Market

Cryptocurrency traders are always in a constant search for fresh, market-moving information, usually from crypto-specific and social media sites.

This is often cumbersome scouring multiple online sites to search for fresh news. Omenics seeks to bridge this gap by aggregating trending news articles and viral social media posts into a single all-in-one platform.

This will enable users to analyze content sentiment and bring together need-to-know content with data analytics. In the end, users will remain plugged in and informed about market movement.

Omenics Platform Features

All-in-one: getting a deeper snapshot of the market

With this feature, users are able to close the extra tabs, save some time and consolidate their research with Omenic’s technical, fundamental, and social data hub.

Omenics Content Aggregator

Lets users stay crypto-current with the latest articles and posts. It allows them to discover meaningful content by streamlining their access to trending news articles and viral social media posts.

Omenics Hybrid Indicators

This feature enables users to build upon their technical analysis with sentiment indicators. Omenics has data analytics on need-to-know content and distills extensive web information into market insight for users.

How Omenics Works?

Omenics allows users to access cryptocurrency content from Twitter, Reddit, and more than one hundred sites that use Omenics dashboard. Omenics aggregates the two sentiment indicators from news and social media with three additional verticals for technical analysis, coin fundamentals and buzz, which results in the Sentscore—a general outlook report on each platform.

  • Technical analysis: users can get a bullish or bearish signal based on the combination of traditional technical indicators on coin’s price such as RSI, moving averages, oscillators, and others.
  • Fundamentals: Omenics analyses the micro and macroeconomic factors of a coin such as market cap, team, developer activity, and others such that they don’t have to dig through github and blockchain fundamentals.
  • Buzz: It’s easy to instantly determine whether a post is going viral or a coin is on a short-term trend or long-term popularity cycle.
  • News: Discover additional insight from the latest news by simply looking at Omenics news indicator, which runs textual analysis to calculate the sentiment of articles from crypto news sites.
  • Social networks: It’s easy to quickly uncover social media trends using Omenics’ social indicator, which conducts a textual analysis to calculate the sentiment of content from Twitter influencers and top subreddits.

Product Suite

Omenics is a comprehensive hub of crypto data with curated content and market sentiment indicators to help with trading decisions.

Its powerful API for professionals lets traders combine Omenics datasets with their models, tools, and apps. Additionally, it comes with interactive widgets to help users build Omenics’ data analytics and graphics into their solutions to give users an edge.

In summary, the platform is:

  • Content-oriented: One-stop dashboard for market-moving content
  • Accessible: Discover trends in the market with powerful data analytics at your fingertips
  • Flexible: Integrate Omenics datasets with a simple request to their API
  • Hybrid: They collect content and turn alternative data into actionable signals
  • Portable: Support your users with live charts and analytics found on the Omenics platform and content metrics
  • Diverse: Users can pick from a number of apps that offer a new layer of crypto data, or work with the platform to tailor an app for their needs

The views and opinions expressed in the article Omenics – Crypto Market Data Dashboard Research Service do not reflect that of 48coins, nor of its originally published source. Article does not constitute financial advice. Kindly proceed with caution and always do your own research.

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