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Over 75% Of Transactions On dApps On Eos (EOS) Blockchain Carried Out By Blockchain Bots – AnChain Report

The report released by AnChain, a research company dedicated to the field of blockchain earlier this week shows over 51% of unique accounts and 75% of transactions on the EOS blockchain are owned by blockchain bots. To put this in perspective, blockchain bots contributes to an astonishing $6 million USD from the EOS dApps. In Eos’ defense however, no conclusive report is yet to be published on the impact of blockchain bots across the industry yet despite the bots being unwanted on the internet.*EIGCwIfygp8Jy1PR12IXPQ.png

Blockchain bots dominating the unique accounts and number of transactions on Eos’ dApps (Image: AnChain)

No reason is given as to why the dApps have been masked on the AnChain report, but we dug further to try to match the dApps to the masked dApps. Below is a chart compiled from dApp Radar that lists the top 10 applications on Eos blockchain (the sample used in the report).*_Cnl365PQeBN7jEX

Bar chart showing the bot vs human activity on the top 10 dApps on Eos (Source: AnChain)

The top dApp on Eos “dApp 1” or in this case WhaleEx experienced only a small percentage of blockchain bot activity with the rest of the population experiencing a significant amount of bot activity. The WhaleEx application allows users to show their art, create their logos and get rewarded with the WhaleEx tokens.

Top 10 EOS dApps By TokenInsight

WhaleEx experienced less than 5% of bot activity over the course of research. The chart above shows the normal activity on the dApp as compared to its other nine peers. With slightly more than 3,000 users on the platform and over 97,000 transactions on the platform, 95% of them were real human interactions.

“DApp 2” or Endless Game experienced the highest number of blockchain bots on the Eos blockchain. The dApp has over 1,900 unique accounts run by blockchain bots of the total 4,500+ unique accounts. In comparison to the WhaleEx dApp, Endless Game also attracted a lower number of organic human traffic hinting at the competitive nature of the DApp world where the runner-ups are leveraging bots in order to augment overall ecosystem usage metrics.

The Case For And Against Blockchain Bots

Blockchain bots activities are loathed across the industry given the tendencies for the participants to use them for the detriment of the community. Some of the harmful practices by bots include boosting rankings by augmenting transaction metrics, increasing liquidity of DApp utility tokens, earning profits on the payout dividends, sabotaging competitors by congesting the DApp and launching Blockchain Advanced Persistent Threat (BAPT) attacks on dApps.

However, the blockchain space is not totally dominated by bad bots, there exists a number of good bots across the field too. These are mostly created by the dApp development team and some of the functions include running automated product quality assurance tests and interacting with human players in dApp games or gambling.

What Does This Mean For Ethereum?

Ethereum (ETH) and Tron (TRX), two of the largest competitors to Eos, will be looking at the report rather jealous they weren’t the ones in the report (Eos is the largest dApp developer) and also with delight given the troubling statistics related to Eos blockchain bot problem.

Tron recently grabbed the headlines across the board after the CEO of Tron Foundation, Justin Sun won the bid to a charity lunch with the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffet. Ethereum on the other hand has experienced a boost in price in the past month as its token traded above $250 USD for the first time this year.

The views and opinions expressed in the article Over Three Fourths of EOS Blockchain dApp Transactions are Carried Out by Bots: AnChain Report do not reflect that of 48coins, nor of its originally published source. Article does not constitute financial advice. Kindly proceed with caution and always do your own research.

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