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What Is Nodvix?

Nodvix is a blockchain-based broadcasting platform that seeks to revolutionize the digital broadcasting world for content makers, advertisers, and viewers through elimination of government censorship and barriers that make it difficult for new content creators to join the industry.

The Nodvix ecosystem utilizes a Peer-to-Peer Internet Network (P2P) technology to distribute media content between all its participants. The P2P technology reduces the cost of scaling the platform and has numerous benefits compared to the traditional centralized broadcast resources and media hosting. Furthermore, the ecosystem is self-regulating, open to all and bypasses all the restrictions currently found in the broadcasting market.

How Nodvix Peer To Peer Blockchain Video Streaming Network Works

Users could create or upload content such as music videos, news story or film on the Nodvix platform and receive payment for their content. In addition to the users, advertisers could also upload banners adverts and media content adverts to the platform and pay significantly lower fees compared what the market currently charges.

After the upload is completed, a Torrent file, also known as a hash file, is generated and uploaded to the Torrent nodes. The file contains a wallet address where the profit of the content makers is credited. The main function of the torrent nodes is categorizing and reviewing the content. In cases where the file contains any illegal content, the file is permanently blocked.

Nodvix will allow advertisers to select the category of content they would like to sponsor. The torrent nodes will then review, rate, authorize and place the adverts according to the preference of the advertisers.

Multiple Specialized Channels

There are multiple specialized channels based on the torrent nodes categorization where content is placed. The content is then broadcast to the Nodvix platform network and users could watch it for 24 hours based on their preferences and interest. Adverts targeted for that category of media the user is watching will appear periodically in a non-distracting manner.

The Nodvix ecosystem is powered by the NDVX token, which is used to pay content markers on the platform. Advertisers use the NDVX tokens to pay for services on the Nodvix platform and receive discounts.

Nodvix Advantages


Nodvix implements blockchain technology, which provides it with decentralization during broadcasting and content sharing without exposing the users to censorship, bias, or blocking.


The torrent node is highly encrypted; therefore, users can transfer data amongst themselves and no central servers will have the ability to intercept the data transfer.

Lack Of Restrictions

All the market participants will have the opportunity to freely access the Nodvix platform without any geographical restrictions or governmental censorship.

Monetization Of Content

The utilization of torrent nodes enables users to manage their content while monetizing their media. This provides video content creators, publishers, and advertisers with an honest and simple way of generating income.


Nodvix features a wide variety of TV channels that contains globally created content that is open to all.

Nodvix NDVX Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token: NDVX
  • Token Protocol: ERC20
  • Token supply: Based on the success of ICO & Pre-ICO
  • ICO date: 22nd November 2018 – 9th February 2019
  • Token price: 0.0001 ETH
  • Accepted currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum
  • Soft Cap: 1,500 Ethereum
  • Hard Cap: 20, 000 Ethereum

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