AceTipper is a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) application that allows users to print paper walles in order to tip BCH to other people. The main intention behind it is to increase awareness about virtual currencies.

The application has been presented by the Reddit user bitcointipping and unveiled on the famous social network on September 14.

He explained that the app looks to solve two different problems. The first one is related to the knowledge about virtual currencies that another person might have. If the individual that you want to tip does not know about cryptocurrencies, with a paper wallet, they can better understand how cryptocurrencies work.

Additionally, they will have all the information about how to get the funds and how AceTiper works.

Another important benefit is that if there is a person that did not claim the funds, you can claim them back. For example, if you tip a person that does not care or forgot about the tip, you can claim the funds back in the period of time desired.

The application manages the tips individuals make, print paper wallets of different designs, and allows people to claim back their tips if they haven’t been claimed for a period of time.

At the moment, the application is currently for Windows but in the future it will be supported in macOS and Linux.

Those who want to install the application can do it here.

With this application it is possible to spread the word about virtual currencies and help the Bitcoin Cash community grow around the world.

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