• VP of the NFL Players Association Russell Okung wants to be paid in Bitcoin.
  • Anthony Pompliano warns Crypto Twitter that these requests have been made before by Matt Barkley, which were denied.

Bitcoin is rising in price, and each industry is starting to become more interested in what the market can do for them. Football players have been perhaps the most interesting surprise, when LA Chargers Offensive Tackle Russell Okung posted a simple tweet – “Pay me in Bitcoin.” And as $BTC tops $8,600 USD in value today, one might think they would want that bitcoin payment sooner than later as many are under the spell bitcoin could start to test $10,000 in market value in the coming weeks.

However, that was not the only tweet that he posted on the matter. Less than 20 mins later, he added a tweet of how wonderful it would be for ESPN to create a headline that features athletes using this crypto asset for they payments.

Crypto Twitter quickly welcomed Okung with open arms, giving him tons of admiration “so much love,” along with information that is helping him to learn more about the crypto industry.

Since then, anyone can take one look at Okung’s Twitter, finding themselves in a slew of pro-Bitcoin tweets and responses from other people in the community. He joked about the love of Bitcoin he now has being like the opportunity to take the red pill in the film The Matrix, asking how “something so wrong make[s] me fee so right.” He added that he has now become “part of the revolution,” and repeated a mantra that has become commonplace in the market – “Long $BTC, short the bankers.”

On May 14th, Anthony Pompliano jumped on the football/Bitcoin conversation, pointing out that Matt Barkley has tried to get two of his previous teams to pay out in Bitcoin. Unfortunately, his efforts went nowhere, and the teams did not follow his lead.

He also added that Okung has been involved with Bitcoin for a while, adding that he is an “NFL crypto OG for sure.”

Crypto Twitter did not fail to come to this tweet with even more praise, along with advice and even offerings of free loot. Even Trezor volunteered to help Barkley out with free hardware wallets. However, he noted that he was involved with Ledger, and revealed that he is even a crypto miner, despite being told to “get skin in the game.”

Even though Barkley did not have the success in changing the minds of the NFL coaches, there’s still a chance for Okun. After all, he is the Vice President of the NFL Players Association, which focuses on the interest of the players. Could his voice be loud enough to make the change?

The views and opinions expressed in the article Professional Football Players in the NFL Are Wanting Multi-Million Dollar Deals Paid in Bitcoin do not reflect that of 48coins, nor of its originally published source. Article does not constitute financial advice. Kindly proceed with caution and always do your own research.

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