On April 30th 2019, the Japanese developer group Nayuta has announced the mainnet launch of Ptarmigan, the fourth commercial protocol implementation of the Lightning Network. In the two-page press release it’s mentioned that the software follows the BOLT (Basis of Lightning Technology) specifications, is focused on building a light and accessible client. It’s also stated from the second paragraph that the current version is still buggy and “reckless” (a warning label which started out as criticism but was embraced by the community of early adopters).

Nevertheless, Ptarmigan aims to become the “small footprint” Lightning Network software, which is able to run on hardware as weak and affordable as the Raspberry Pi Zero (whose main board costs only $5). In this regard, the Japanese company invites users, developers and reviewers by preparing a software image that can be easily deployed on Microsoft Azure.

Furthermore, they are offering 100 boards in exchange for the cost of parts, so that early adopters can connect Arduino to a Raspberry Pi Zero which runs the Ptarmigan software. Shipments of these components is set to take place in early July, and those interested can apply on the Nayuta Lightning shop.

Lightning Network applications (LApps), development software which eases the process of creating new such applications, as well as crypto exchange service and token payment software are also in works. More details can be found on the Ptarmigan GitHub repository, and a demo video has been released to showcase the simplicity and lightness of the client.

Ptarmigan and other mainnet Lightning clients

So far, the other three Lightning Network clients built on the BOLT specifications are Lightning Labs’ lnd implementation, Blockstream‘s c-lightning, and ACINQ’s eclair. All of them are open-sourced, focus on specific features and characteristics of Lightning development, and are built using different programming languages (Go, C, and Scala respectively).

Ptarmigan is unique in the field thanks to its focus on low-power hardware. It’s not just about features and applications, but about building the kind of software that even a $5 computer can run. In many ways, it becomes a way of making the Lightning Network accessible to the masses.

Being the youngest of the four protocols released so far, Ptarmigan is also expected to be the buggiest and in need of most testing. Correspondingly, the team at Nayuta has made sure to create ways for the community to get involved and improve the software. While the roadmap is still unclear and we have yet to see any of the LApps vaguely mentioned in the initial press release, it’s good to have another implementation that tries to solve existing problems in an open way, so that development and mainstream interest receive a boost.

Nayuta’s launch also proves that the Lightning Network is a technology that software developers worldwide find interesting. It adds up to the credentials of the second layer protocol, and gives community members another reason to feel positive that the development is on the right way for greater adoption.

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