What Is CoinBlick?

CoinBlick is an AI-Driven and personalized crypto news aggregator that combines the data acquired from several news sources into a single mobile application compatible with both android and iOS devices. The app also features social media statistics and automated sentiment analysis that will help users in making smart trading decision.

With the CoinBlick mobile application, users will have access to real-time news updates regarding the blockchain industry and the over 2500 cryptocurrencies available in the market today. The news updates are sourced from a wide variety of news websites and social media networks such as Twitter and Reddit.

Users of the CoinBlick app can customize the app to suit their interest on certain topics, blockchains, or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar and many more. Users can also select their preferred media sources and stay up to date with these sources.

CoinBlick will then build the users’ feed and take their choices into consideration in order for the user read all the available articles without any distractions caused by pop-up adds, view their social statistics, and share them with other users. The users will also be able to express their thoughts and opinions on the news updates using the reactions feature.

CoinBlick Features

Multiple Cryptocurrencies

There are more than 2500 cryptocurrencies listed on CoinBlick such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Tether and Tron among many others. Users can view the cryptocurrencies in the preview mode or as a list.

Automated Sentiment Analysis

CoinBlick is integrated with an automated sentiment analysis feature that provides all the application users with AI driven Sentiment Indicator for articles posted in the CoinBlick mobile application.

Unification Of Cryptocurrency Website

CoinBlick unifies the entire user’s favorite websites into one location. This makes it possible for the CoinBlick users to view all the recent, important, and trending blockchain and cryptocurrency news from their favorite websites.

Comprehensive Chart Analysis

CoinBlick provides its uses with access to comprehensive chart analysis tools that make it possible for the users to carry out chart analysis and acquire the latest statistics on the coins they own. The charts include the coins prices for one day, one week, one month, three months, six months, and one year.

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Reactions And Bookmarks

Once the user reads an article on the CoinBlick platform, they can share the article through the β€˜share’ button, react to the article by up voting it or bookmark the article in order to save the article and read it later.


Users can create alerts so that they receive regular notifications when there is important or breaking news.

CoinBlick Advantages

Access The Most Trending News

CoinBlick users will have access to the day’s trending news through the beautifully designed news feed section available to all the users. The application also has a social interest indicator that shows users the articles attracting the most attention on social networks.


CoinBlick has a β€œNight” and β€œNight Blue” theme that ensures the users have the best experience when reading the news, tweets, charts, and reddit posts.

Personal Weekly Bundle

The PRO subscriptions will provide the registered users with personal weekly bundles containing the week’s trending and important news.

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