Chris Larsen, angel investor and Co-founder of Ripple, recently appeared on Forbes to speak about blockchains, globalization and the Internet of money. He also spoke about interoperability and provided predictions for the future of the space.

He began by saying that the reason for Ripple to go “all in” on blockchain technology was their identification of a “fundamental problem” that needs to be solved. He stated:

“You really can’t have globalization which is workable unless you have interoperability in 3 things: data, goods and money. We only have those in two things, data and goods. Without the money part globalization just doesnt work its incomplete.”

He went on to say that the blockchain represents the “finishing of an Internet of Value”, and that it is the completion of globalization. He further stated that he thinks that there was a much better chance of things working now, with the advancement of blockchain technology.

On cryptocurrencies, he said that it was only a “matter of time” since a digital currency would be invented, especially one with no government behind it. He stated:

“I think that evolved into this excitement around it saying, hey that’s not just about the currency, but fundamentally, it’s about wiring and internet for money.”

He drew parallels to times such as 1994, where it was the first days of the Internet of Data that we know today. Larsen also said that the movement of the world means that the commoditization of the Internet is oncoming. He went on to say:

“Suddenly every entrepreneur, every bank, every currency in the world has unlimited reach. Right now that’s not the way it is and that’s just exactly what happened for data, and now its happening for money.”

Larsen stated that it was “very fun and exciting” for him to be involved, going on to say that the stakes were very high as money was the point of focus. He also said that it would be a “profound change on the way the world works”, elaborating that he thought it brought the world together.

He stated that the world, in general, had “no hope” unless the worked together regarding the backlash of globalization. Larsen stated:

“I think this is really going to clear a lot of the friction that’s kind of getting in the way of the promise that globalization was supposed to bring.”

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