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Bitcoin Cash has been at the center of attention ever since the infamous November 2018 Hard-Fork. The rivalry between Roger Ver led BCH ABC (Now BCH) and Craig Wright headed Bitcoin SV (BSV) turned ugly as both claimed to be the original Bitcoin. However, BCH had the last laugh as they were able to outclass the BSV network in all aspects, be it Hashing input, or the number of blocks mined or even the market price value.

Roger Ver and his team despite the numerous controversy kept their goals with Bitcoin Cash network insight, and this is the reason the altcoin has been among top performers during the recent bull run. Roger Ver had maintained it time and again that his focus is not about short trading price but on the long term commercial adoption.

BCH blockchain has seen a significant amount of development work in recent times where they have worked upon making the network more scalable as well as quite secure and private. BCH boats of lightning fast transaction speed at almost one-tenth of the transaction fee of Bitcoin network.

Roger Ver has often taken pot shots at the pioneer Bitcoin which is facing a significant scalability problem which has also made the network quite expensive to use.

Roger Ver Talks About BCH Network’s New Capabilities

Roger Ver during a recent interview talked about various new developments on the BCH network and how they have developed a system that works against the current government surveillance system. Ver talked about the latest innovation in the form of “self-custodial blind escrow,” and claimed it to be the differentiating factor between them and Bitcoin.

Ver explained,

“This (blind escrow) platform allows anybody to buy and sell Bitcoin Cash [BCH] in any country and any payment method, with no AML KYC required from The people are only required to abide by their local regulations.”

The self custodial blind escrow makes use of the third party to settle disputes related to the payment. Ver also claimed that the transaction data would neither be accessible to the third-party nor the All the transaction data would have end-to-end encryption.

Ver claimed that the blind escrow feature put them a step ahead of the Bitcoin as the market leaders are yet to launch any such features. Ver also stressed on long-term adoption goals and said,

“If you want the long term price to go up, you should be focusing on the adoption of cryptocurrencies and commerce. And that’s exactly what we’re doing at Bitcoin Cash.”

Roger Ver is currently trying to tap into Chinese crypto market which is quite huge and if BCH is able to make a footing in China, it surely helps the altcoin in achieving its long term goal of worldwide commercial adoption. In lieu to attract Chinese market, BCH global trading commenced from June 4th, in honor of the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests in Beijing, China. Ver also said during the interview that people from any part of the globe can purchase BCH using multiple payment options which include PayPal, Wire transfer or even cash.

Ver was asked about the buying scheme in countries where crypto is banned, to which he replied,

“If a law is a bad one or a stupid one, people should disobey it. Smoking a plant that makes you feel happy isn’t a crime.”

Ver also made his views clear on his rapport with his former associate Craig Wright, who recently sued Ver for calling him a fraud. Ver said,

“Craig, you’re wasting everybody’s time and retarding the rate of economic growth at the entire world by wasting everybody’s time. So please stop, go and go and live your life and do something else.”

The views and opinions expressed in the article Roger Ver Claims Bitcoin Cash’s Main Focus is on Long-Term Commercial Crypto Payment Adoption do not reflect that of 48coins, nor of its originally published source. Article does not constitute financial advice. Kindly proceed with caution and always do your own research.

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