Samourai Release The Samourai Dojo 1.0

This week, Samourai Wallet announced the release and open sourcing of Samourai Dojo. Dojo is a backend software framework built on top of the Bitcoin Core full node. It also augments the node to drive the Samourai Wallet, the most private Bitcoin wallet in the crypto industry.

According to wallet’s developers, they had been working on Dojo since the project’s inception in 2015. The launch of Dojo is seen as a momentous achievement, a significant win for the autonomy of Bitcoin users, a massive win for the privacy of Bitcoin transactions, and a key milestone for open-source software.

As of now, users have had to trust Samourai servers with their Bitcoin public keys. The introduction of Dojo allows them to run and host servers without relying on the centralized servers. This ensures that all transaction details remain private.

Who Will Use Samourai Dojo?

Samourai Dojo is intended for Samourai Wallet users who want guaranteed privacy in their transactions. The default Samourai Wallet is renowned for its unique privacy-enhancing features such as STONEWALL, STONEWALLx2, Stowaway, and Whirlpool. Its main shortcoming, however, is that you have to trust the Samourai servers to keep your public keys private.

While third-parties can’t access your public keys, their centralized storage means that Samourai Wallet operators can see the keys. On the contrary, hosting and running your server ensures that the public keys are in your custody throughout the transaction.

What Is The Samourai Dojo?

Before its release, Samourai Dojo underwent tests to confirm that it can support all existing Samourai Wallet clients. It is professional software that has taken lots of time and resources to develop and will be available for free. Samourai Dojo supports all the features in the Samourai Wallet.

Some of the features available in the Dojo include;

  • Provides unspent output lists to Samourai wallet using your backing full node.
  • Provides fee rates to use from your local mempool
  • Mempool Orchestrator for time-delayed transactions
  • PushTX endpoint for broadcasting transactions through your backing full node.

The software offer support for XPUB, YPUB, ZPUB, BIP47 loose addresses, and other loose addresses.

How To Get The Dojo

Samourai Dojo has a simple design that ensures can easily use the service even without prior technical experience. Installation is straightforward, and once done, you will have a backend which consists of;

  • A Bitcoin full node accessible using a temporary Tor hidden service.
  • A database for storing addresses and transactions of interest.
  • An API that is accessible as a static Tor hidden service.
  • A maintenance tool accessible through a Tor web browser.

The Samourai Dojo GitHub repository has detailed instructions on how to install Dojo using the method mentioned above.

The company has also collaborated with Bitseed to offer a quality hardware wallet preloaded with Samourai Dojo. This is designed for users who prefer a plug and play experience over the lengthy manual installation. The hardware is currently in the last stages of development and is expected to become available soon.


Since its inception, the Samourai project has pledged to allow users to access their backend servers and bypass their infrastructure during their transactions. The developers also declared that Samourai would remain in unreleased Alpha status until users have the access mentioned above. Since the first promise has now been fulfilled, users can expect the official release of Samourai Wallet 1.0 shortly.

The recent changes implemented on the wallet’s UI are simplified to ease the on boarding of new users after the release of Samourai Wallet 1.0. Before the release, there will be one final update allowing users to pair the wallet with the Samourai Dojo. This update is expected anytime now.

The views and opinions expressed in the article Samourai Wallet Releases the Samourai Dojo 1.0 to Power Privacy in Bitcoin Wallets do not reflect that of 48coins, nor of its originally published source. Article does not constitute financial advice. Kindly proceed with caution and always do your own research.

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