Smartlands Has Gone Ahead To Launch He Very First Wallet For Security Tokens On The Stellar Network

One of the platforms that have been established for crowdfunding investments through the issuance of security tokens, the Smartlands has just gone ahead to announce their new deployment of a Stellar Wallet, one that has been designed for security tokens for the on-chain trading.

The company is very proud of their accomplishments as they have been able to build a wallet for the Smartlands platform, one that can easily trade the security tokens, but the company will not stop here.

“Today we’ve finally managed to fortify our expertise to the extent that allowed us to build a new Smartlands wallet. It will be used for trading security tokens, SLT, and XLM,” comments Smartlands CTO, Ilia Obraztcov, adding “We are going to continue to work towards the possibilities of adding other security tokens issued on the Stellar network (possibly on different blockchains) to the Smartlands Wallet, though, certain additional compliance procedure will be required.”

What You Should Expect To See From The Smartlands Wallet

The wallet will be working exclusively within the regulated network of Stellar, which is being operated on the platform. For each investor on the platform they will be expected to comply and also pass the KYC with the set laws, once passed you will be able to transact your security tokens easily.

The company also went ahead to incorporate an AI-based engine, one that will be able to check each transaction and be able to score the AML risks; this is to ensure they can prevent all the illicit activities from taking place.

But this is not all; the wallet is a multisig wallet, one that will be able to maintain the regulations compliance and it has also been implemented into the SEP-0008 protocol. The company has also gone a notch higher when you compare with the other SEP-0008 in the market, as their account mapping and account recovery services are more superior.

Thus, as an investor on the platform, you don’t expose your current wallet to the multisig, instead, you can easily create another independent account. One that you will be in a position to control in your existing ledger or private key.

More Features From The Wallet

As an investor you have been given the ability to trade pairs of the compliant security, this is against the XLM. This will be the dominant feature on the wallet; therefore, we should expect to see more investors being attracted to the platform.

And with more investors, it will mean more liquidity. But it is important to note that the company will be imposing daily and monthly transaction limit and a deposit threshold, but this will be according to the country and category of the investor.

For the less savvy investors within the crypto space, they will be happy with the easy ability to recover their private keys, just in case it gets lost it.

They Have Designed Two Versions Of The Wallet

There will also be options for beginners and seasoned professionals. They have developed a light option, one that will resemble a Coinbase interface specially designed for the investors who are mainly focused on the fundamentals of the project and look at the investment of crypto coins as a long term option.

For the pro version, this has been designed for sophisticated investors and professional traders. The version will be able to display critical data that is needed for daily trading.

While on the platform you are guaranteed to enjoy 100% uptime and high capacity, this is all thanks to the Stellar Core and the Horizon services offered.

The views and opinions expressed in the article Smartlands Releases Fully-Compliant Stellar (XLM) Wallet for On-Chain Security Token Trading do not reflect that of 48coins, nor of its originally published source. Article does not constitute financial advice. Kindly proceed with caution and always do your own research..


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