Stellar Has a Stellar Sunday After Roaring Nearly 10% Upon SatoshiPay Partnership

Stellar Lumens Has Jumped By About 9% This Is Following The Stellar Blockchain Adoption Drive

The Stellar Lumens, also referred to as the XLM, was able to be pushed up by the bulls in the market while the other coins were still in red; as a result, this leads to a sideways market movement. It was noted by the global market cap that there was a small incline over the weekend which was able to stand at about $135 billion.

On the 7th of March, Borsenmedien AG, which is a German financial editor house was able to acquire the SatoshiPay, one that is a crypto startup that has been able to offer micropayments solutions and had been able to acquire several blockchain projects with Aeternity, Stellar and the Aergo.

For this particular partnership the Stellar blockchain technology was quickly leveraged; as a result, this allowed the media house to be able to initiate the pay per article scheme, this was made possible with the use of the SatoshiPay payment solution that will send the funds straight from the reader to the publisher.

The Partnership Has A Lot To Offer

The Stellar Development Foundation will also be supplying the free credits to the new readers; thus, this will allow them to easily purchase the content they would want on the Borsenmedien AG media platform, all this being done so quickly with the use of the SatoshiPay Wallet.

With this adoption drive, it was able to push the price of the coin by about 9.23% against the US dollar in just under 24 hours, this is at press time. Just before this announcement was made, it was noted that the Stellar Lumens price was slowly rising, but at the peak of the bullish swing that came on 10th March, when the coin was able to push and break the $0.10 set mark.

At around 1430 10th March the coin was priced at around $0.092 and was immediately pushed up by 8.63% to levels of $0.1006, and this followed another rise of about $0.1012, which has been considered to be the biggest level it has achieved in a month.

The Coin Seems To Be Very Promising In The Market

When looking at the market capitalization together with the coin positioning, the XLM has been able to remain in the ninth position. The coin has been sandwiched between the USDT Stablecoin Tether plus the TRX Tron. The Stellar Lumens was able to trail the USDT by a little under $100 million and were able to stay ahead of the TRX with a good $450 million.

The market cap for the coin rose to about $1.71 billion over the weekend, and in just two days the market cap was able to add to about over$200 million, all this having the XLM valuation peaking at about $1.948 billion.

Even with the bullish momentum witnessed within the market Stellar Lumens had failed to re-enter the $2 billion club and was able to acquire a market cap of about $1.907 billion, this is all at press time.

When we look at the Exchange wise the a Chinese crypto exchange was able to take the top with about 9.67% of the trading volume globally through the trading pair of the XLM and USDT. But with all this the exchange was being accused of wash trading so that they are able to inflate the volume; thus, investors trading here should be a little wary. For the next two spots, they were taken by the Binance platform that was trading pairs of XLM/USDT and the XLM/BTC, where there were able to account for 8.23% and 9.46% respectively to the XLM trading volume globally.

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