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Why would you go through the ICO now?

Well, it is not ICO actually. Crowdfunding – you may think of it this way, but not ICO. First of all, MyCoinCloud sells digital shares. Everyone who buys will receive a respective percentage of ownership to the business. And even if the different types of shares (Bach A, B, C) are said to be MCC tokens, the idea is not to buy coins just to sell it soon afterward when the price will shoot up in the sky. Not for now. And the main reason why you cannot call it an ICO is because MyCoinCloud is a working business model and not a start-up. And the digital shares are backed up by the company’s assets as a guarantee for anyone who considers joining in.

So, this is a safe bet.

Not the only one around, for sure, but one that has proven to be working. MyCoinCloud is now a well-established business model in the area of digital assets ready to make another important step soon. After being actively developing the cloud mining services for 3 years now, the Bulgarian-based company prepares to sell almost a half of its shares to investors and partners to build on the top of what has already been achieved so far. And they aim to make mining profitable again!

Collecting funds through the sales of digital shares is necessary to fuel the future development of the project. Thousands of users literally can already confirm that the business is for real. It took time for MyCoinCloud to build on trust after so many cloud mining ventures turned out to be scams. The Bulgarian-based company endured the test and showed progress since its foundation in 2015. With two data centers operating with the total capacity of 2600 KW/h, with more than 5700 active customers and working with several types of contracts (BTC, ETH, ZEC, XMR, etc.), MyCoinCloud proved to be a genuine venture heading boldly to the future.

Plug the solar power in

The concept of cloud mining is to outsource the mining process to a data center to avoid buying all the equipment and build rigs at home, and to skip the high electricity bills too. So the co-location mining is profitable when the computing is performed with a lower price of electricity. This is where MyCoinCloud heads now – building up our mining farms to be one of the most efficient and innovative datacenters in Europe. At least 80% of the 2.6 MW capacity will rely on solar power – in a season with sunnier days the share of this type of energy will be higher.

3D visualization of the solar panels

After ordering the solar panels based on the results of the digital shares sales comes the time for the construction of the power grid and the installation of the ventilation system. The use of the solar power will reduce right away the price of the electricity by 0.06$ which will be split between the investors and the clients of the company.

What way can purchase digital shares be profitable?

MyCoinCloud sells 49% of its shares and everyone is allowed to join in on a token-based ownership. Around 100 000 MCC will be available for purchase in September 2018 and the minimum amount of tokens that needs to be bought are 10 MCC. There are three types – or three batches of MCC, which cost ranges from $12 to $15. Plainly said, anyone who wills to invest has to pay at least 150 dollars or the equivalent in Bitcoin.

The gain from buying a digital share is similar to the gain buying a share from any profitable company in the world. Investors in MyCoinCloud will have their tokens as a proof of ownership. The profit is not a matter of price surge of a coin. Digital shares deliver stable dividends on an annual basis. The more successful the company is, the bigger will be the profit of the shareholders. It’s all based on smart contracts and the incomes might be generated every three months.

The blockchain technology is a revolution in the making

Cryptocurrencies claim more territory every day now. But there is a lot of room for speculation and even abuse as it happened many times before when something new came out to the world with the promise and the potential to turn it all over around. So, many people these days are already aware that it might be profitable for them to invest in digital assets. Most of them will go away from that idea after a 15-minutes-long research which will probably throw real stories of scams and breakdowns right in their faces. And since while there is some risk to any enterprise, MyCoinCloud is a working business that will become even more efficient after the green energy is being added to the system.

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