• Elon Musk’s comments on space travel have earned a lot of criticism.
  • Tim Draper and Sam Altman come to Musk’s defense, calling the criticism “gross.”

Elon Musk has been getting a lot of criticism lately, and it looks like the majority of the heat is coming from Wall Street.

Silicon Valley is having none of this drama, considering the risky and innovative streak of this entrepreneur. Chopping him down will only discourage others from falling in his path, which Tim Draper clearly does not want to happen. In a recent interview with BNN Bloomberg, Draper compared Musk’s innovative streak with the likes of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

During the show, he said that the press has been participating in an unhealthy habit, going after “extraordinary people” for no other reason than to tear them down. Instead, Draper believes that the press needs to start “honoring” these people, praising them as the “best and brightest.”

Draper has a reputation as a Bitcoin bull, holding onto the idea that Bitcoin will reach $250,000 in the next few years. He supports decentralization in the market, which he plans to be a part of the new fund he will be launching. He believes that the changes he will soon be directing will end up with more notoriety and use than the internet has ever had.

Clearly, Musk is not perfect. After all, he ended up tweeting highly sensitive information about Tesla, which is a publicly traded company. Still, his decision is hardly worth the harsh words that the press has been laying upon him. Draper reminds watchers of the Bloomberg podcast to see “the whole picture.”

He reminds watchers that Musk is responsible for introducing the world to Tesla’s electric car, and he’s progressed to “shooting things into space for us.” He even added the influence that Musk has had with PayPal.

The investments and support that Draper has given to the industry pushed forward some of the most successful companies, like Skype and Baidu.

Instead of taking on the same stance as the Wall Street critics, Draper sees Musk’s bold way of going after these ideas as a way to take on endeavors that other people are just too afraid or embarrassed to go after.

He commented that all of “the best engineers in the world” aim to create something impressive to the public, whether it has to do with curing a major medical disease or getting involved with space travel.

Sam Altman, a prominent figure in Silicon Valley, has also been defending the actions of Musk, calling the critical comments against Tesla “gross.” He urged the public to be “on the side of climate and innovation,” adding that the choice to go against Musk in any way is “historically a mistake.”

In the meantime, Draper also made comments about the phenomenally successful Bitcoin. He reminded Bloomberg that Bitcoin has a limited supply of 21 million, and there will soon be a point where no more can be purchased, which is exactly why anyone with sense in the crypto industry “probably should get one.”

To watch the full segment, visit bnnbloomberg.ca

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