Given the latest figures on ICOs marketplace, it can be surely stated that the final quarter of 2018 was not much about token sales. As the hype around digitally placed company assets drastically faded, analysts named two complementary reasons responsible for a decline in ICOs adoption. First, they say, comes a massive onslaught of scams and secondly, ambiguity in regulatory requirements.

It is clear that while the financial authorities are forging their way to a certain understanding of the digital economy, they are not able to set clear boundaries. The perfect timing for frauds one would say.

Indeed, research reveals only a minority of projects that raised capital through token sales, have shown a return on investments. Lots of them have maliciously separated investors from their hard-earned money with promises of guaranteed returns and future fortunes, thus disgracing the good name of ICOs as a safe fundraising technique.

CoinList Believes the Market will Rise

Nonetheless, not everyone remains so vocal about ICOs future. Some crypto-evangelists are confident that a downward spiral hit the bottom line and pretty soon the market will revive again.

The platform for token launch CoinList is amidst those optimists. Since last year the platform has halted the operations, however, CoinList creators are sure that as soon as regulatory jitters will settle down, the platform will see an influx of clientele. They also are positive about regulations saying that CoinList is operating in full compliance with Reg D and Reg S issued by the SEC for securities.

CoinList is a branch-out of AngelList, a platform for startups, angel investors, and job-seekers looking to work at startups. Supposedly, about 50 teams have already used CoinList to raise $450 million.

Ocean Protocol is Next to CoinList Their Tokens

After a long-drawn break, CoinList is back to its mission to reboost the ICO industry with a new token offering of data-sharing Ocean Protocol. According to the platform, the sales is starting on March,1. The U.S. accreditated investors together with international customers are welcome to contribute their money in return for Ocean utility tokens.

Ocean reveals that 32 million native tokens will be released at a price of 25 cents each. The ultimate goal is to collect at least $8 million.

As it said in the Ocean’s roadmap all the money will be used to unleash the value of artificial intelligence for data analysis. Notably that the company that is based in Singapore has already raised 16 million EUR in pre-ICO events, which means that this is not a company that has no funding at all. The ICO will only be a part of the funds that will move the company’s future.

While CoinList regains confidence in ICOs, the crypto-community is gradually shifting the gears toward Security Token Offerings that mostly aligned with a safeguard policy desperately promoted by the SEC.

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