Tokeny launches investorID dApp, allowing users to create an on-chain identity

Tokeny, an end-to-end platform to issue, manage and transfer security tokens, announced today the investorID decentralized application (dApp), allowing users to create their on-chain identity to access and trade tokenized securities. investorID identities are created by smart contracts which link the identity of an individual to their wallet.

Using investorID, individuals and entities can create their identity on the blockchain by following simple steps. By doing so, users keep complete control of their personal data, whilst being able to access investment opportunities and enabling issuers to operate in full compliance. investorID identities are compatible with every security token based on Tokeny’s T-REX (Token for Regulated EXchanges) standard.

Regulations recognizing blockchain are emerging all over Europe and, as an example, Luxembourg has recently recognized blockchain as a suitable infrastructure to register and transfer securities in the form of “tokens.” Issuers are obligated to respect the necessary rules and regulations to ensure compliant security token trading.

Why create investorID?

Issuers need to enforce the rules and regulations that apply to securities. Of course, each jurisdiction has different requirements relating to security trading and it’s therefore imperative for issuers to know which country their investors are residing in, if they are natural persons or legal entities, qualified or accredited, etc.

Once the identity is created and the investor’s information is validated, issuers can quickly understand if participants are eligible for the offering and the compliance can be automated. Currently, there are no solutions on the market that accurately identify the different stakeholders on the public blockchain. This is why, together with its partners, Tokeny launched the investorID initiative.

“We were honored that Luxembourg Finance Minister, Pierre Gramegna, accepted the very first on-chain identity created by investorID. A not-for-profit organization, investorID enables any entity or individual to create their blockchain identity and access tokenized securities.”

Luc Falempin, CEO, Tokeny

 Benefits of investorID for investors?

  • Enrich user identity by connecting usual authentication services
  • Control access to data in a few clicks
  • Easy log-in to decentralized finance applications
  • Manage your digital assets and digital signatures
  • An easy recovery process, users cannot lose their identity or assets

How do I create my investorID?

Creating an investorID is a seamless process. By following simple steps and creating an on-chain identity, users can easily access and trade digital assets.

  • Create investorID account
  • Connect wallet
  • Enrich identity
  • Access opportunities

Each time an investor participates into a Security Token Offering using the T-REX standard, they generate their identity automatically or they can connect with their existing investorID account.

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