Top BTC Prediction and Coin Analysis Summary

Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Bulls Fizzling, The $4,500 Ceiling

Bitcoin challenged the financial industry ten years ago, but it is not performing how consumers expected after so much time. Regulatory changes around the world and the lack of savviness over this type of technology has largely slowed and potentially stalled progress. How are Bitcoin bulls handling this performance?

Today’s BTC, ETH, XRP and BCH Price Watch: Cryptocurrency Coin Chart Predictions

Anyone with cryptocurrency holdings needs to know where their favorite crypto assets are heading. Keeping an eye on some of the top cryptocurrencies by market cap, here is the predictions for today’s trading. What are you doing with your crypto holdings?

Bitcoin (BTC) Buying Volumes Post 4 Straight Weeks of Highest Activity Since December 2017

With the bear market lasting for over a year, proponents of Bitcoin will look for nearly any sign that things won’t get worse. Perhaps the best news that they’ve received in months will be a new report of the volume Bitcoin is seeing, topping the volume that happened at the last major bull run. Is this a sign of things to come? Should you invest at this price level while you can?

Bitcoin Whale Watching: $230 Million (60,000 BTC) Emptied out of Fourth Biggest Wallet Worth $440 Million

Bitcoin whales have a considerable influence in the crypto market, which is why the recent emptying of the fourth-biggest wallet in the world is getting major attention. Worth $40 million (113,000 BTC), the whale decided to sell off the funds a few days ago, after remaining active since 2014. Experts believe that the most significant buying pressure of the last four weeks could be the highest ever seen.

Bitcoin Price Back to $8,000 By Mid-2020 Amid Block Reward Reduction Using RSI Trading Metric

The recent expansion and the nearing halving of Bitcoin has many analysts speculating about the next turn that the market is going to take. With a bullish stance leading the way, one analyst believes that the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is moving in a positive direction. Learn more about why this analyst believes that Bitcoin is going to be reaching to at least $8,000 by the time the halving occurs next year.

Most Popular and Famously Favorite Bitcoin Transactions All Crypto Historians Likely Know About

Even with the negative attention that critics like to give the crypto industry, there is no denying that the last four years have seen increasing mainstream support. In fact, the industry has been responsible for some famous transactions over the years, making Bitcoin into a household name for many people that would otherwise never know it. Take a moment to reminisce about big moments in Bitcoin’s transactions, like the very first transfer or the purchase of delicious pizza (which would have been worth $7 million now).

Bitcoin as a Lifeboat for Venezuela, Iran, South Sedan, Argentina, Congo, Libya, Angola, and Syria

Venezuela has been going through a nationwide power outage, keeping almost the entire country in the dark without connectivity. With power rationing amid the economic crisis, and hyperinflation, Bitcoin and Dash had recently provided options to consumers as an alternative form of currency, making it something of a “lifeboat.” With so much traffic being introduced to Venezuela and other countries, how will Bitcoin’s volume be impacted during this time?

Bitcoin (BTC) Blockchain Transactions Plummet Over 100,000 Per Day After Venezuela Blackout

The Venezuela blackout occurred only days ago, leaving only 2% of citizens with any kind of connectivity. Bitcoin has largely been used by the country as a solution to hyperinflation, but their transactions have dropped by over 100,000 daily as the blackout continues. Could this one-time saving grace to the suffering country be leading to major problems for Bitcoin?

Comparing Bitcoin vs United States, China, India, Germany, Russia, and Venezuela’s Inflation Rates

Inflation occurs in nearly every country around the world, leading to a higher cost of living as countries choose to print too much money. Bitcoin was introduced after the last major financial crisis in 2018, but how has it fared against the inflation of other countries? Learn more about the average hyperinflation of some of the most notable countries around the world and see how they stack up.

Swiss Stock Exchange SIX to Release World’s First XRP Crypto ETP “AXRP” To Track Ripple Coin Value

The Ripple XRP token is being integrated into many new endeavors, like the SIX Swiss Stock Exchange as an exchange-traded product. The new asset, with the ticker AXRP, will most likely be released within the next four months, and will soon be followed by several other ETPs.

$800 Billion Dollar Asset Company Invesco Elwood Global Blockchain ETF Launches on London Stock Exchange

The “world’s biggest blockchain” ETF is officially launching on the London Stock Exchange. Optimally, CEO Bin Ren of Elwood Asset Management will be able to bring this new use case for blockchain technology to other stock exchanges around the world. Ren hopes that this will ensure greater mainstream adoption throughout multiple industries.

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