Published: 2018-11-07 07:08:31

What Is SatoWallet?

SatoWallet is an all-in-one application used for trading, storage, investment, staking, and securing user’s blockchain assets. The applications contains a variety of unique features one of them is the inbuilt exchange, on which users can trade various cryptocurrencies with the lowest transaction fees and the multiple trading pair. Users can trade crypto anywhere and at anytime with their various devices.

The Satowallet application also supports wallet staking on which users can store any proof-of-stake cryptocurrency on their devices and thereby earn staking rewards on a weekly basis from the total earnings that the platform receives.

Another feature of the platform is the offering of coin airdrops. Users can easily distribute various cryptocurrency airdrops or they can receive airdrops from various coin projects into their wallet application directly.

SatoWallet ICO Hosting

Users can host their ICO on the Satowallet Exchange and get payment in the cryptocurrency of their choice as well as instant trading and listing. They can also conduct fiat settlement where they can deposit and withdraw their fiat currency from their application directly. The fiat-to-crypto trading option is available for currencies in AED, EUR, USD, NGN, and GBN.

The application users can also conduct SMS or USSD transaction on the platform. With that option, transactions on cryptocurrency that are listed on the Satowallet can be done through text messages where users send various commands to specific numbers provided by the platform, whether it is withdrawal, transfer or depositing then it is honored immediately after confirmation.

How SatoWallet Trade, Store, Invest & Stake Crypto Assets App Works

Trading in Satowallet application works in such a way that users click on the menu bar, positioned at the top left corner side of the application, and then select ‘exchange’ from the available list of features. The next step is going to the market menu and searching their most preferred choice of trading pair. Users then select the best market to trade in from the available ones in the platform. Trading then starts immediately.

Satowallet shares referred to as SATOS, is the can be purchased from the wallet. The traders and investors in SATOS enjoy a variety of benefits like getting 40% profit sharing monthly in Bitcoin, the right to vote for coins and listings, zero transaction fee as well as debit card fiat withdrawals.

SatoWallet Benefits


Security is taken seriously on the platform, it offers topnotch security, and encryption services as well as cold storage. Every user has a personal application pin code that is unique to each one of them.


The Satowallet application is readily available for its users allowing them to control, trade, and stake their cryptocurrency from anywhere anytime by use of their mobile devices.


There is a referral program on the platform, which works in such a way that users are rewarded for referring friends to sign up on the Satowallet application. They also get 20% of their trading fees in earnings.

Price Stability

Investors especially in SATOS on the platform get price stability at all times. The SATOS serve as a base market for every coin in the platform’s exchange thus leading to high demand, price increase, and liquidity.

SatoWallet SATOS Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: SATOS
  • Token Sale Date: Present – TBD
  • Token Price: $.50
  • Total Supply: 10,000,000

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