Tron Virtual Machine (TVM)'s Activation Scheduled For October 8 With TRX News Announcements

The Tron Foundation announced on September 27 that it was going to provide more information about the awaited Project Atlas and its integration with BitTorrent during the next days. The platform continues to grow and expand adding new improvements and upgrades.

Moreover, Tron’s team has announced that it would be using a custom token on the BitTorrent platform. This token would be used to incentive users to use in a better way the platform.

Another important thing to take into account is that Tron has been performing better than EOS and Ethereum in many different ways. Some days ago, Justin Sun wrote a tweet in which he commented how Tron is eclipsing other blockchain networks.

He said that Tron has 20% more accounts than EOS and 13 times more accounts than Ethereum. Moreover, he said that Tron had a peak of transaction volume 49 times higher than Ethereum. Finally, he explained that the average transaction volume is 29 times higher than Ethereum.

At the same time, in September the Tron Foundation informed that they completed their fifth coin burn destroying 4.9 billion old ERC-20 tokens. Additionally, the team announced that they will be activating the Tron Virtual Machine on the Mainnet on October 8th.

The official statement reads as follows:

“It’s expected that the TVM will be officially activated after the voting on October 8. By then, the 3 main features: the committee, the TVM and decentralized exchanges will be activated.”

Tron is working trying to improve its platform and the services it offers. In the future, there will be new upgrades that will enhance the performance of the platform.

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