TRON network has been heavily focused on developing its network to make it the preferred hub for Dapp hosting. In a short period of time, TRON has made quite a significant impact on the decentralized space, and it is often dubbed as the Ethereum killer for the string of functionalities that the network posses.

While Ethereum is veteran for starting a network which is not just focused on it’s token, but provide a complete blockchain ecosystem with functions like Smart contracts, Dapp hosting and even tokenization. But, TRON is catching up fast.

TRON is now staking its claim to be the spearhead for Web 4.0 and the latest analysis report by Binance has brought it into the center of attention. Binance, the largest cryptocurrency trading exchange by volume has recently released an insightful report on the core functionalities of top 11 cryptocurrencies.

The Binance report on TRON suggests that the network’s use of Delegated Proof-of-Stake(DPoS) sets it apart from its competitors. DPoS based consensus on TRON help it rotate 27 super representatives every six hours. The report also cited other developments which have made TRON one of the more complete blockchain network in the decentralized space, which includes,

“Relatively low amount of stake (9,999 TRX) required to become a Super Representative candidate

Developers can access full nodes running in the cloud provided by TronGrid

Supports TRC-20 based USDT since March 2019”

The research report also makes note of the token distribution supply of TRON under which the private sale led to 25.7 percent of the initial token supply distribution, while the public sale led to the distribution of 40 percent of the initial token supply.

TRON’s Partnerships And Tie-Ups Have Been Crucial To Its Success

Binance analysis also mentions a key point that has led to such a successful endeavor for the TRON in recent times, and that is its partnership strategies and tie-ups with other organization. Take the Decentralized application hosting network, where TRON established a Blockchain game fund, with $100 million in reserves which would be utilized over the three year period. The report notes,

“TRON establishes blockchain game fund, TRON Arcade: With up to $100MM to be invested in the project for the next 3 years, TRON aims to empower developers to create new gaming experiences and build the foundation for a robust blockchain game ecosystem. MixMarvel to build a suite of games on TRON: MixMarvel, the studio behind top blockchain game HyperDragons, aims to work with TRON to bring high production value and deep gameplay to gamers and blockchain enthusiasts alike.”


TRON network and the level of development on its mainnet has made it a formidable contender for spearheading the Web 4.0. In just two years of its existence, it has already established a distinctive name for itself and often referred to as Ethereum killer. Many believe TRON would also be the pioneers for the decentralized gaming industry given its DApp hosting platform is already flooded with some of the most successful games of the decentralized space.

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