On 30th August, Justin Sun, the CEO and Founder of Tron Foundation, spoke about the business collaboration of Tron and the recent reward proposal made by the Foundation.

Justin Sun said that the TRX payment channel has taken another step towards expansion. This is because of the recent partnership with Pornhub, one of the biggest adult entertainment industry. This also includes the collaboration with Bitcoin Superstore, a cryptocurrency only store which enables users to purchase products from over 20000 online retail stores.

Moreover, according to the Founder, several more business have stepped forward and shown their support for TRX payment. This would ensure that TRX payment becomes trendy at home and abroad and in turn, will be widely used by people on a day-to-day basis.

Justin further added that Tron has established a partnership with the social media giant, Line and that the token has been successfully listed in the Bitbox exchange. In addition to this, TRX has been listed on various exchange platforms. This includes Kryptono, CoinSwitch, Coinex, Bitnovo, Kucoin, and Atomic.

Furthermore, the Tron community has witnessed a significant growth. The followers on Justin’s personal account and the Tron Foundation is nearing 1 million on Facebook. Tron has also been continuously topped the rank for Twitter discussions.

The CEO of Tron Foundation confirmed the acquisition of Blokchain.org. Justin said:

“…on August 11th, Tron has completed the acquisition of the top level domain name, blockchain.org”

He further added that the domain will be used as an integrated one-stop and number one searching platform. The platform would incorporate big data analysis, interesting news articles and blockchain search which would provide free services to enterprises and the industry.

He said:

“The development of the industry relies on all the participants to play this part. Tron has the capability and the responsibility to contribute to the developments of the industry.”

Justin also spoke about the proposal made by the Tron Foundation on 13th August 2018. The proposal was pertaining the rewards for the Tron Super Representative candidates. The reward is set to increase from 16 TRX for every 3 seconds to 32 TRX for every 3 seconds. The Tron community will be voting to decide whether to pass the proposal.

According to Justin, if the proposal is approved by the community, then it would further help motivate the SR candidates. This will also bring about a great difference in the development of the entire network.

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