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The Unified Exchange aims to bring a new solution through direct integration of a social platform into the trading experience.

The social platform has unique features that set it apart from other exchanges, including the add-on/overlay function that enables it to integrate with other exchanges and increase its social exposure.

The initial set of features will immediately draw traders to the Unified Exchange and UXT (the base currency on the platform) will benefit the exchange by creating the most cost-effective trading experience. The Unified Exchange will offer several more unique benefits that are currently rare in the crypto space.

  • The exchange comes with a ranking system that will cause the most skilled and helpful traders to stand out in the crowd.
  • Traders will increase their trading power and social reach by sharing real-time trades with their followers.
  • A reward system will motivate highly ranked traders to allow them to accumulate UXT.
  • Advanced traders will also have the opportunity to sell or give away subscriptions services for advanced trades and expert chart analytics.
  • Group and private charts will be based on rank to reduce spam or coin shilling.

Platform Features

Integrated social system: Social platforms are the way of the future that will enable traders to take their experience to the next level. Traders can increase their trading power and reach by sharing real-time trades with their followers.

24/7 Support Staff: Exchange support is one of the platform’s priorities. They can have the ability to submit tickets or talk to a live support agent anytime.

Third party modules: Traders can custom applications to increase their trading reach and power. Developers can improve the way they and others trade.

Hard Fork support: when it comes to Hard forks, the platform is there for its customers. They will support every fork offered and allow them to withdraw their coins without issues.

Social Features

The Unified Exchange platform combines social aspects in trading and information sharing by using the Unified Exchange Token (UXT). Apart from being a centralized token that offers all the benefits it entails, the Unified Exchange Platform also delivers the following features:

Social Media Alignment

The platform is dedicated to aligning users of social media and cryptocurrencies under one roof. This leads to the much-needed platform for seamless interaction between crypto traders and those using mainstream social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Bitcointalk, Telegram, and others.

Skilled Trader Subscription

Unified Exchange gives traders the opportunity to gain subscribers and sell subscription services for advanced trades and expert chart analytics or give them away free.


The platform seeks to incorporate a 24/7 support system to utilize ambassadors to assist users in various languages.

Cross-exchange Social System

With a browser add-on system, users will have an overlay to existing trading websites. Various functions in the add-on, with the user’s permission, will gather information used on other trading websites, including chats, notifications, alerts, and customized alerts chosen by the user.

Operations: this includes hiring new staff, leasing high-end office space, and others.

Security: this is the number one priority that requires a dedicated team of experts to make the Exchange airtight including ongoing security audits.

Marketing: the platform will need to get the word out and to many people. Therefore, it’s budgeting 20% to cover long-term marketing.

Legal: Establishing the Unified Exchange and developing future partnerships will require an extensive amount of legal support.

The views and opinions expressed in the article Unified Exchange (UXT Token) Review: Safe Cryptocurrency Trading Platform? do not reflect that of 48coins, nor of its originally published source. Article does not constitute financial advice. Kindly proceed with caution and always do your own research.

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