Unikeys, a biometrically-secured cryptocurrency hardware wallet solution has now announced the debut of its hardware wallet, the UKey card, the first on the market to introduce fingerprint technology to secure users’ cryptocurrencies.

Security is the primary concern for cryptocurrency holders, who currently do not have a truly tamper-proof transportable option for storing their digital assets. Hardware wallets on the market require connectivity with computers or tablets and are not practical for on-the-go payments, while software wallets are unsafe and vulnerable to hacks, exposing users’ private keys to unauthorized access.

The UKey card is the first smart hardware wallet to offer three-factor authentication by introducing worldwide patented biometric security to its trim design. The size of a standard credit card, Unikeys has partnered with French smartcard designer MeReal Biometrics to include a fingerprint sensor that enables users to store biometric data on the card, without ever exposing it to the Internet or storing it with a third party.

The card will only work after successfully authenticating a registered fingerprint, and the card incorporates several innovative failsafes and backup procedures in case of emergencies. The UKey card is compatible with all Apple and Android phones and tablets via NFC and Bluetooth functions, supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, ERC20 Tokens and the Unikeys Tokens.

In order for cryptocurrencies to reach mass-adoption, fast and frictionless payments at points of sale must be made possible. This inspired Unikeys to develop its merchant ecosystem, enabling merchants to accept payments from the UKey card in cryptocurrencies and exchange them into the merchant’s desired fiat currencies in USD, EUR, JPY, or HKD. Furthermore, Unikeys proposes a unique framework based on off-chain payment channels, allowing for secure, split-second transaction speeds with the UKey card.

“At Unikeys we aspire to be the true catalyst for cryptocurrencies becoming mainstream. Biometrics will finally provide the true security and peace of mind to encourage mass adoption. In parallel, our merchant ecosystem and payment channels structure will streamline and speed up transactions making cryptocurrency payments a real practical option for the people. We’re breaking new ground in the market. The UKey card provides the speed and convenience of a credit card while maintaining the security of a cold storage wallet and the decentralized independence of blockchain technology.”

Alexandre Tabbakh, CEO, and Co-Founder of Unikey

Unikeys is currently holding an on-going private token sale and will open this sale up to the public in September 2018. The UNK utility token can be used as a method of payment for purchasing Unikeys products and solutions at a discount, as a means of cash back in the Unikeys ecosystem, to pay transaction fees, and to create merchant loyalty programs.

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