Published: 2018-11-21 22:34:09

Wealthiest Bitcoin Addresses In The Market

Did you know that the wealthiest Bitcoin Addresses in the market are for a fact a property of the exchanges? Well, now you know. As a bitcoin owner, it is essential for you to be equipped on who is who in the cryptocurrency market. More interesting facts about this rich group are that they all hold 592,943 BTC. What does that mean? They all hold a value of an estimate of about $3,150 billion. More interesting facts: they make up 3.5% of the whole amount of the available BTC. Diving right into it, there are addresses that you should look out for, that is for the sole reason that they are the crème de la crème in the exchanges. The following are the Bitcoin addresses that boast the immense amount of wealth.

1. Binance

As it is placed at the top of the list, the address is the largest globally. What gives it the medal is the fact that it has a cold wallet that holds 141,096 BTC, which can be translated to a worth of $749,654,668. The value covers 0.8117 percent of the entire BTC. It makes it the richest address in the exchanges. It can also be owed to its trade volumes.

2. Bitfinex

This address comes second on the list. It boasts of having 138,661 BTC which equals $736,714,464 in value. Of all the BTC available, Bitfinex holds 0.7977 percent of it.

3. Huobi

What lands Huobi on the top five list of the wealthiest Bitcoin addresses? It is the fact that the address holds $574,526,670 worth of BTC which is a share of 108,135 BTC. It also makes 0.622 percent of all the available BTC.

4. Bittrex

Bittrex ranks fourth on the rich list of all the Bitcoin addresses. What puts it in that position is the 107,203 BTC it holds. Which equals $569,577,142 of value. Bittrex holds 0.6167 percent of the entire BTC.

5. Bitstamp

Fifth on the wealthiest Bitcoin addresses list is Bitstamp. It holds 0.5629 of all BTC. That makes it a value of $519,974,509. The value accounts for 97,848 BTC.

The mentioned are the top 5 wealthiest individuals on cryptocurrency exchanges. Other addresses are worth mentioning. These are mostly in the form of investors. They also have their handsome share in the cryptocurrency world. Starting with Cameron and Tyler Winkelvoss who got to purchase BTC in 2013. The BTC they bought was worth $11 million. The investors currently own Gemini Trading Platform.

Tim Draper is also a renown BTC owner with 30,000 BTC. This owner bought the BTC during an auction from Charlie Shrem, Barry Silbert, and Roger Ver to mention a few.

BTC ownership is very dynamic; you can expect it to change as years go by. The market is subject to constant change. What that means is that various factors can make the wealthiest BTC owner today tenth on the list tomorrow. A good example is when the US Government became owners of over 144,000 BTC after confiscating it from one Silk Road saga.

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