What Is Farm2Kitchen?

Farm2Kitchen is a digital platform that seeks to revolutionize the way food is delivered to restaurants, wholesale buyers, and other food services. It is creating a truly decentralized and trustless food distribution network that operates on the blockchain technology. The platform will make it easy to track food delivery right from the farm to the kitchen to ensure that it remains fresh and of good quality. The IEO stage 2 of Farm2Kitchen is currently on, with a 15% bonus on PROBIT. It ends in about 3 days from the time of writing.

Farm2Kitchen Components

Food Traceability: The consumer wants to know where the food on the plate comes from and whether it was responsibly grown. By using the blockchain technology, Farm2Kitchen is able to track the movement of food from the farm to the plate.

Farmers’ marketplace: the platform provides an online marketplace for fresh produce from the farmers who are enrolled on the platform. This creates kind of a global market for bulk buyers to purchase fresh food directly from the producer.

Food security: Farm2Kitchen utilizes data that helps it understand food consumption trends. Consequently, they can plan crops for the next harvest, improve revenue for farmers, provide better value to consumers, and reduce food wastage.

Farm2Kitchen Advantages

Innovative solution: Farm2Kitchen has invented a solution to the global food security issues, identified by the UN’s World Food Program (WFP).

Trustless platform: no one party owns or controls the data, which leads to complete transparency for all members.

1st Mover Advantage: the platform has the 1st mover advantage on a solution that addresses basic human need, such as good food that people can trust.

Amazing team: Farm2Kitchen has a team of highly motivated industry experts in food distribution, information technology, and agriculture.

Lifesaver: the platform seeks to enable effective management of food recalls should there be any contamination. This will help save the lives.

Large market: Farm2Kitchen targets Asia, which is a huge market with a rapidly growing population. This implies an increasing demand for a healthy lifestyle.

Farm2Kitchen Mission Statement

Farm2Kitchen aims to provide the consumer with the highest quality of fresh produceβ€”responsibly grown and delivered fresh. It also seeks to create an ecosystem that will bring together various Food Supply Chain parties such as food growers, packagers, distributors, processors, dealers, grocers, restaurants, end consumers, financial institutions, and other participants under a decentralized platform powered by the blockchain technology and smart contracts. The goal of the platform is to deliver products and services that will exceed the expectations of customers.

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Farm2Kitchen Values

  • Quality: they want to ensure that the food they deliver is of the highest quality, most nutritious, and fresh.
  • Innovative: their technological solutions will always be in the forefront of the technology spectrum: innovative products, state-of-the-art facilities, quality assurance, and industry expertise.
  • Integrity: their commitment to the highest standard is the foundation of their customers’ trust. They will always stand behind their products, service, and word.

Farm2Kitchen Innovative Solution

Farm2Kitchen seeks to build the world’s first decentralized platform that will enable all stakeholders in the food supply chain (Farmers, Producers, Packagers, Distributors, Transporter, Restaurants, and Retailers) to seamlessly communicate and securely share information to track the movement of products through the Food Value Chain and be able to trace the products from the origin to the endpoint and back.

Importantly, the platform utilizes the distributed ledger Blockchain technology as the backbone of its platform in order to reliably track, monitor, and predict the food quality. The Platform services, REST APIs, and Mobile/Web apps will provide easy interfacing with the Blockchain platform for all participants from small businesses to larger corporations. The platform is building the required tools and solutions to make the participation easy and affordable.

The views and opinions expressed in the article What Is Farm2Kitchen – Blockchain Food Traceability for Farmer’s Marketplace do not reflect that of 48coins, nor of its originally published source. Article does not constitute financial advice. Kindly proceed with caution and always do your own research..


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