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What Is Futurepia?

Futurepia is a distributed social media Mainnet that utilizes the blockchain technology to support DApps specialized on social media. It has a DApp Store and provides various APIs for DApp developers.

Ultimately, Futurepia seeks to solve the problems that exist in the current blockchain system. The developers of the project believe that countless decentralized applications (DApps) will emerge based on personal content. Therefore, it aims to present a solution that will resolve the issues of the blockchain industry to prepare in a better way for what is ahead.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS are examples of a Mainnet that have led to the generation of thousands of blockchain startups, with most of them trying to provide services based on a mainnet. For instance, KryptoKitties and Akasha operate on the Ethereum mainnet.

Common blockchain challenges

One of the problems of the Ethereum blockchain is slow processing speeds. As of September 2018, the network could only manage 20 TPS per second. This makes it nearly impossible to provide actual services. Through a successful Initial Coin Offering (ICO), almost all companies that chose Ethereum now have to choose a new mainnet. Besides, users on Ethereum network must pay what they refer to as “gas fee” in every transaction regardless of the size.

DDPoS Technology

Futerepia Mainnet uses the DDPoS technology, which is a new and improved algorithm that works on Graphene engine’s DPoS. However, instead of 21 BP, the technology combines 17 masternodes with 4 random nodes to make the system’s community much stronger. The new consensus algorithm solves the problem of the existing DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) method, popularly known as third generation technology.

In DDPoS (Double Delegated Proof of Stake), as Block is created in each round, the master node (BP) and the Futurepia node (BO) become the representative nodes in random order. This reduces the risk of collusion between master nodes thereby increasing the processing speed.

Futurepia Services

  • Full Compensation for content creators: Amateurs have the opportunity to become professionals too. Anyone can get rewards for creating content, attracting rewards based on the number of likes and votes. Creators who do not earn votes or likes can still earn incentives based on the number of views.
  • Rewarding curators for active participation: find out the content you like and participate in the contest through betting. If that content makes it to the top 3, you get the reward as per the equity method.
  • Group Talk: with this service, users can easily create and manage groups and express their feelings the way they want through custom stickers and GIF features.
  • Reward: By liking someone’s content, or participating in the voting process, both content creators and general users receive rewards.
  • Messenger Wallet: Easy exchange for SNAC tokens that you earn as a reward for your active participation, with your utility coin.
  • Live Streaming: You can invite your friends, family or colleagues to your 1:1 or 1:many live streaming video.
  • Marketplace: Exchange your SNAC tokens to utility coins and use them for shopping in both online and offline markets.
  • P2P Distributed Cloud: users can transfer files between their PC and phones, and vice-versa

Advantages of the Futerepia Wallet

This crypto wallet, developed based on blockchain, offers the following benefits.

  • Secure: the blockchain-based crypto wallet provides safety while secures all of the user’s private keys.
  • Fast: easily add your wallet address and exchange coins with just one click.
  • Exchange: Fast and free exchange of various coins anytime, anywhere.
  • Convenient: conveniently manages your wallet address

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