What Is Gakex? Review

Gakex is the world’s first decentralized binary options exchange platform based on TRON’s Blockchain technology. Gakex seeks to reduce the control that financial corporations and intermediary organizations have in the financial markets as well as create a transparent and secure trading platform that ensures investors do not have to worry about fraud and hackers.

The exchange pairs accessible on Gakex include BTC / USDT, ETH / USDT, EOS / USDT, and TRX / USDT. The Gakex price data on these trading pairs is synthesized from various reputable cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, BitMex, Bittrex, OKEx, HitBTC, Huobi, Poloniex, Upbit, DigiFinex, IDAX, Gate.io, CoinBene and many more.

How  Gakex Works

Gakex will utilize integrated wallets to acquire the prices form the cryptocurrency exchanges and then convert the data to smart contracts. Investors on Gakex have the ability to make an option on the platform and if they win that trade, they will be paid.

Once the trading period concludes, the platform compares the prices of the exchange pairs and the winning investors receive payout immediately through the smart contracts. There is no additional database containing the price data therefore eliminating any loopholes that may interfere with who will win the payout.

Gakex Accepted Token

The Gex token will power the entire Gakex platform since the tokens will be the only requirement in order to trade binary options on Gakex. Furthermore, the holders of the Gex tokens will receive profits generated by the exchange platform proportional to the amount of tokens they have in their cryptocurrency wallet.

Since Gakex does not have any ICO or IEO rounds, the only way to own the tokens is by trading actively options on the platform or by freezing tokens. Currently, Gex can be converted to TRX on the Gakex trading platform however; there are plans to list the Gex tokens on other decentralized markets.

To ensure that the value of Gex is stable, Gakex has a smart contract that is responsible for burning the Gex tokens on the platform. This prevents the prices of Gex from rising too high.

Why Trade On Gakex?


Gakex integrates a peer-to-peer network structure that is not under the control of a single entity, this distinguishes Gakex from the traditional centralized exchanges since all the investors on Gakex have full control over their personal assets.


Most of the existing centralized exchanges store the investor funds in centralized wallets; however, on Gakex, the funds are stored in decentralized wallets where individual investors can manage their assets. The decentralized wallets utilize blockchain technology as a security measure to prevent access by hackers.


On the Gakex binary options exchange, TRON’s blockchain facilitates all the transactions and creates an immutable record that cannot be altered. This means that the exchange cannot increase or decrease the speed of transactions when they want to.

Additionally, all the price data is run using smart contracts and then stored on the blockchain thus preventing fraud caused by manipulation of prices.

Instant Transactions

Since Gakex runs on the TRON network that is capable of handling over 2000 transactions per second, all the transactions on Gakex are processed instantly. With instant transactions, liquidity is ensured for all investors.

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