What Is Krest Finance Trading – Is It a Ponzi Platform or Honest Offer?

What Is Krest Finance Trading?

Krest Finance Trading is an online cryptocurrency trading platform that seeks to the best online broker in the industry, as well as to provide the industry with advanced trading tools and educational resources that will make cryptocurrency trading accessible by everyone.

Additionally, Krest Finance Trading aims at creating a transparent, efficient, and excellent trading environment that focuses on its clients’ trading success. Services offered on the trading platform are customized to suit the needs of all the clients in order to ensure that they have the best experience on the platform.

How Krest Finance Trading Works

The main features of Krest Finance Trading include a cryptocurrency Lending Platform, which is integrated with a safety fund and worldwide arbitrations, an online wallet where users can store, exchange, invest, pay for services or make purchases using their cryptocurrencies, and an advanced cryptocurrency trading system.

There are various investment packages for users to purchase on the Krest Finance Trading platform; they include starter, intermediate, essential, selective, and Krest. Each of these packages goes for different prices with different weekly profits and maximum deposits.

To begin trading on the platform, users are required to register on the platform and fund their accounts using Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Bitcoin Cash. The minimum deposit amount is $5,000 while the maximum $500,000.

Why Is Krest Finance Trading A Scam?

Unnamed Team Members

From the platform’s website, it is not clear as to who is running Krest Finance Trading or even the team behind the project. This is a clear red flag since there is no one to hold accountable when traders lose their funds.

Lack Of Sufficient Information

Krest Finance Trading does not provide detailed information on the technology behind the platform or even details on how trading will work. Although there is a FAQs section, the answers to the questions are one or two sentences long, which do not help in understanding the platform.

Krest Finance Trading Conclusion

It is important that before investing on a trading platform that you do your research and check out all the online reviews on the platform to avoid falling for enticing offers from fraudulent trading platforms or brokers.

This website is possibly a scam. We cannot confirm the validity of the information on the website.

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