What Is Pixelbit?

PixelBit (PXB Token) is a cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum Blockchain that targets both gamers and game developers with the aim to revolutionize the gaming industry by merging the gaming world with digital currencies. PixelBit seeks to make it possible for gamers to pay for in-game purchases using cryptocurrencies and unlock additional content while providing the gamers with a real way to earn tangible rewards through the ingenious system for earning PXB coins when playing PXB-enabled games.

How does PixelBit work?

Apart from being used for in-game stores and purchases, PixelBit also features an in-game reward system that is almost similar to trophies or achievements on certain platforms. However, with the PixelBit reward system, gamers receive actual cryptocurrencies after they complete certain tasks within the game.

Additionally, PixelBit is integrated with unique Peer-to-Peer trading mechanisms that enable gamers to directly trade with each other content such as skins, cosmetic assets, and many more using the PXB system. This eliminates the need for third party marketplaces or gambling sites that charge gamers high transaction fees as well as implement dubious business practices.

PixelBit is also developed with game developers in mind through its APIs and intuitive tools that enables the game developers to integrate the gaming process, payments and transactions into their third party game engines and custom solutions that enhance the revenue generation.

To implement PXB into their games, developers can request for the free toolkit that is compatible with most of the third party game engines. The toolkit handles all the complex transactions and all the developer has to do is set up the game store and use the modules in the toolkit to handle the transactions.

PixelBit tokens, other cryptocurrencies, and fiat can be stored in PixelBit wallet. The wallet also provides users with access to the PixelBit exchange that executes both cross game and in-game transactions thus giving users more flexibility.

Why invest in PixelBit tokens?

Suitable for gamers and game developers

PixelBit provides gamers with the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency rewards and conveniently make payments for their purchases while enabling game developers to control their in-game purchases, through a valuable digital currency that is compatible with various games and platforms.

Wide variety of uses

In addition to being used by gamers and game developers, PixelBit tokens can also be used during online gambling whereby online casinos that adopt PixelBit as the accepted payment method in all games will acquire significant advantages over other online casinos through the semi-unique selling point.

State of the art design

PixelBit is designed from the ground up with maximum cross-platform interoperability and features numerous and easy to use tools that provide developers and gamers with several measurable benefits. This results in an ecosystem that makes gaming more profitable, worthwhile, and enjoyable.


The custom solutions, tools, and APIs provided by PixelBit are designed to suit certain third party gaming engines such as Unity and Unreal, which simplifies the process of implementing PixelBit into games.

Pixelbit PXB Token ICO Details

Parameters of the ICO

  • Token: PXB
  • Token protocol: ERC20
  • Total token supply: 100,000,000 PXB
  • Supply during ICO: 30,000,000 PXB
  • ICO date: Q2/2019
  • Accepted payment methods: ETH
  • Soft cap: 5,000,000 Euros
  • Hard Cap: 20,000,000 Euros

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