What Is Predicoin?

Predicoin is a cryptocurrency data analytics platform that seeks to empower cryptocurrency traders with data analytics that can help them identify and understand the trends in the cryptocurrency market and thus, be in a better position to make profitable crypto investment decisions.

Cryptocurrency traders and investors are most times overwhelmed by the available information on a particular cryptocurrency; Predicoin will solve this problem by utilizing the abundant information in the crypto market through analyzing the data, news, and social content in order to anticipate the shifts and the trends in market sentiments.

Apart from data analytics, Predicoin has its own API that traders or investors could use to integrate Predicoin detailed data and sentiment scores into their current trading tools and their crypto investment strategies.

How Does Predicoin Work?

Predicoin features its own proprietary sentiment indicator, known as the “SentScore.” The indicator utilizes machine learning and data mining to collect cryptocurrency data. The collected information is useful in helping users better understand market sentiments within the cryptocurrency market.

The SentScore for each cryptocurrency takes into account the five verticals of the cryptocurrency: fundamental data, news, technical analysis, social media, and the buzz around the cryptocurrency.

The Predicoin dashboard will provide users with access to curated cryptocurrency content from the various social media networks such as Twitter and Reddit as well as data from hundreds of news sites. The dashboard also includes a news indicator that carries out textual analysis to determine the sentiment of articles published on different crypto news sites.

Additionally, Predicoin features a chart that highlights a cryptocurrency’s SentScore and related component scores acquired from the different sources of data. With the chart, users can compare a cryptocurrency’s SentScore evolution and its prices over time. By creating a way for investors to monitor the direction of sentiment score, investors will understand sentiment trends and make better investment decisions.

Predicoin Benefits

Acquire Competitive Edge In The Market

Predicoin will combine all the viral social media posts and trending news articles into a single data platform, which will serve as a platform for analyzing content sentiment. This helps both crypto investors and traders to stay ahead and informed of all the market movement since they are able to analyze, anticipate, and forecast the market trends.

All-In-One Platform

The Predicoin charts provide users with a deeper snapshot of the market by merging a user’s research with its technical, fundamental, and social data hub. This eliminates the need for users to open multiple tabs or website to understand the trends of a cryptocurrency, which will in turn save them time and effort.

Aggregation Of Content

Predicoin streamlines a user’s access to the trending news articles and viral social media posts which enables users discover meaningful cryptocurrency content. Therefore, Predicoin ensures that users remain up to date with the current cryptocurrency articles and posts that might affect their crypto investments.

Access To Hybrid Indicators

To ensure that Predicoin users can build upon their technical analysis using sentiment indicators, the data analytics platform filters the extensive crypto information available in the market and provides users with only the content they need to know in order to acquire market insights.

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