What Is PrepayWay – International Blockchain Equity Crowdfunding Business?

What Is PrepayWay?

PrepayWay is a blockchain-based ecosystem for complex processes. It aims at simplifying and streamlining how companies across various industries collaborate, contract, and transact with each other.

The solutions presented by PrepayWay will revolve around combining the functions of banks, lawyers, arbitral institutions, and escrow agents through digital contracts, self-executing smart contracts, payment options for fiat and cryptocurrencies, escrow services, and dispute resolution.

The PrepayWay ecosystem is designed to be self-expanding and scalable in order to support any type of business operations such real estate or global commercial trade that has a total market size of over15 trillion USD.

How PrepayWay International Blockchain Equity Crowdfunding Works

The service providers on PrepayWay include Banks, Neutrals, the IT community, lawyers, notaries, and other professionals. These service providers are responsible for making contributions that will ensure that the core elements of PrepayWay continuously develop.

The core elements are used by members of the ecosystem as building blocks for the blockchain solutions on PrepayWay. The core elements are Fiat and crypto money gateways created by banks, Smart dispute resolution techniques from Neutrals, Smart contracts that are developed by the IT community, and Legal agreement templates drafted by lawyers and notaries.

All the solutions developed by PrepayWay blockchain ecosystem focus on helping merchants, logistics, crypto industry, and private users. The solutions are:

  • PrepayWay Real Estate: This solution makes real estate transactions direct, secure, flexible, and transparent through eliminating third parties and enables digital signing of contracts.
  • PrepayWay Global Trade: With this blockchain solution, international business transactions are more secure and convenient through self-executing smart contracts and storage of transaction data on the blockchain.
  • SmartArb: This is a dispute resolution network with international mediation and arbitration experts who use smart contracts to provide fair, reliable and efficient dispute resolution services.
  • Elleeo: Elleeo is loan marketplace where PrepayWay users can borrow or lend each other funds using real assets as collateral.

PrepayWay Benefits

Transparency Of Transactions

By combining decentralized data storage on the blockchain with self-executing smart contracts for all the transactions, PrepayWay ensures there is transparency and ability to track all the transactions. This, in turn, reduces fraud and theft of funds.

Implementation Of Smart Contracts

All the smart contracts on PrepayWay are automatically executed which reduces the risk of fraud and eliminates the need of intermediaries to execute the contracts.

This reduces the legal fees, arbitration costs and any other transaction costs. However, to activate or access the smart contracts users will have to acquire the InBit tokens.

Agreement Customization

PrepayWay has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that can customize agreements. The interface also features detailed recommendations and explanations that are accessible in multiple languages.

Enforceable Agreements

On the PrepayWay ecosystem, participants can acquire legally binding agreement templates that are designed by legal experts and lawyers according to the national laws and regulations of a specific country.

Smart Dispute Resolution

SmartArb provides the members of the PrepayWay ecosystem with Efficient and enforceable dispute resolution methods for international businesses.

PrepayWay InBit Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token: InBit
  • Token protocol: ERC20
  • Total token supply: 12 763 636 364 InBits
  • Token supply during Sale: 6,500,000,000 InBits
  • ICO sale date: 19 March, 2019
  • Token price: 1 InBit = 0.01 EUR
  • Accepted currencies: ETH
  • Hard Cap: 50,000,000 EUR

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