What Is TRONCRUSH – Legit TronLink Wallet Games, Token Mining Distribution?


Inspired by the traditional mobile game app Candy Crush, TronCrush is a new revolutionary betting game platform built on the TRON network. TRON is a blockchain project that seeks to utilize the technology and decentralized applications to decentralize the internet. However, TRON faces various challenges such as losing a high percentage of its dApps volume.

TronCrush seeks to solve this problem by providing gamers with the access to a new gaming experience. On the TronCrush gaming platform, players will have the opportunity to play games and win as well as become part owners of the platform through the TronCrush coin (TCC).

TronCrush is powered by the TronBlock network. The project seamlessly combines the concepts of profitability and entertainment since the players frequently receive dividends when they have fun playing and winning.

How TRONCRUSH TronLink Wallet Games Works

Currently, the game features three dice games where players are required to play one by one. After each dice is played, the players immediately receive payouts depending on the result and the game’s odds.

The round will be complete once all the dices are played and the player will receive extra bonuses according to their lucky number combination. The platform will then initiate a new round of the dice game.

According to their website, 6% of the revenue generated from the dice games are stored in the Crush Bonus pot. In case a player gets two similar lucky numbers in one round, the other dices are crushed and the player receive ten times TCC of that particular round. If the player gets three similar lucky numbers, the players will receive 100x TCC and TRX in Crush Bonus.

TronCrush has a mega jackpot that will encourage players to keep playing the game even after the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) fever and the early advantage are not there anymore. Besides, 4% of all the revenue generated from the betting games are directed towards the mega jackpot.

Each round of the mega jackpot has a 2-minute countdown; however, players that bet over 200 TRX, will receive an additional 10 seconds on the timer. Immediately the timer gets to zero, the last player to bet with 200 TRX wins 60% of the Mega Jackpot

TRONCRUSH Advantages


All the players on TronCrush are guaranteed fairness through the implementation of cryptography and smart contracts that generate the lucky numbers. This means that there is no way the platform’s developers can determine the winner of the games. Winnings on TronCrush are purely based on luck.

VIP System

The VIP systems on TronCrush will play a crucial role on the gaming platform, as it will reward active contributors. The amount of rewards received will depend on the amount of contribution the player has made on the platform.

Referral Program

TronCrush is one of the few decentralized applications that provide players with high percentages of referral bonuses.

Once a player has invited a new player to the game, the player will receive 0.1% of all their referral’s wagers. For example, if the referral bets 1000 TRX the player will receive 1 TRX.

Sustainable Growth

With most dApps, players abandoned the games as soon as the FOMO was over. To ensure this in not the case with TronCrush, the game integrates a unique design for sustainable growth.

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